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When taking screenshots for a review, be mindful of your friends and their uncouth language.

PS -- Screw you +Ben Swann you big gangly monkeyass bitch :P
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Surprised nobody complained about the gmail easter egg I left in the N4 review. :p
Alright everyone. You win. Please stop cursing at me on Talk and G+ LOL
+Phil Nickinson did your wife complain about that gmail egg you left in. Amazing people really complain about these things.
+Phil Nickinson that is nothing new in gmail. Its been around on the leak version. I don't like it. Also I hear when the app selector say browser chrome dolphin it has a long press feature to make it easier to select. 
You suck
will now be the first line of every comment
LMMFAO! I needed that this morning. The pic is great...the post following is freaking hilarious!!!!
LOL Been there, captured that. Photoshop to the rescue (with Roboto font family installed). 
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