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best GTalk app for iOS -- go

(don't ask)
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Verbs (Pro)

...but quite honestly, after you've used Android's, all the iOS options feel like garbage. (I own and use both a Nexus 4 and an iPhone 5)
Imo... it has voice message feature. Reminds me of Agile from the ol Symbian OS.
Nimbuzz is my favorite and it does a lot more than just Google Talk 
They do sorta all suck but I use beejive. Finally just got authentication support so it logs in properly. 
one thing is right -- they all kinda suck :)
Thanks fellas
they all do suck, but IM+ works best for me. It notifies you when the push session is expiring so you can sign in again.
The wife?
it will have no choice but to suck if they do. iOS sucks for instant messenging.

next thing he's gonna want is an iMessage client for Android...
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