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That moment when you have to double check that you sent the raunchy text message to your wife and not someone else.

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Better than the moment you doublecheck that you sent it to someone else and not your wife...
My wife got drunk one night at a party at our house. She went back in our bedroom and started texting come fuck me to my phone. Unfortunately being drunk she mistyped the number three times. Made for some awkward texts and a phone call the next day. 
Jerry, just start using a codeword for the raunchy text language. It's like a sexy time version of encryption technology. 
Better than me sending a text to my mate slagging off a girl I was out with - yet I sent it to her, stood right next to me. - yeah, she left haha - but least I got a BJ out of her before that happened. LOL 
I send my wife those quite a bit. Once she was in the car and unable to stop to read it. So she handed it to her mom to read aloud for her.....
You should see the shit he sends me though.
sends flirty text to random chic on my phone book instead of my chic by mistake, she replies with a flirty texr....#win
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