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Unity on Gentoo. I think this will get old quickly.
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If you like Gnome 2.x but still like some of the features in Gnome Shell/Unity, I recommend Cinnamon.
I gave Unity a go and can't wait to use it on a tablet. But on a desktop... Yuck. 
On my laptop unity works,   On a desktop?  haven't done it yet
I don't see how some people can work with something like that, but I guess it's preference. I'll stick with xmonad. 
You know what spoiled me is launchy,   after that the dash is simple
FYI anyone who tries this -- emerge gnome 2 and the extras first. Saves a lot of things from not building and installing due to lack of dependencies.
I just had to fix a Gentoo server.. first time I'd ever touched that distro.. Fixing grub was interesting until I realized Gentoo unmounts /boot on startup.. The network setup is totally foreign to any other Linux I've ever worked with, too.. It's pretty terribad imo.
Unity feels like it was designed for users who have no idea what they're doing. You search for the type of app instead of the name of the app. I prefer the classic method.
+Jeffrey Steben only if you have no idea what you are doing :p

Anyone with any experience hits the windows key on their keyboard (or equivalent) and types the first couple of letters of the thing they want. ;)
I'm a KDE kinda guy, mostly because of KIO slaves which are the best thing ever. Unfortunately KDE 4 just feels like a bunch of parts duct-taped together. On the other side of things I think Unity gives up a bit too much usability in the pursuit of a unified desktop for smaller form factors.

There's no perfect desktop. It was all a downhill slide after Amiga.
The magic menu switching is why I don't use Unity. It lacks consistency. 
I kind of agree, but still prefer it to unity and gnome. 
Moto Moto  says, "Row that canoe over here, baby, I'll show you what motorboating's all about...."
Moto Moto  says, "Row that canoe over here, baby, I'll show you what motorboating's all about...."
Windows key? Ques es? My model M has no knowledge of this key..... 
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