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The US government waste money. The deuce you say!
I don't know, there's a lot of things they could be saying that are worse than that. 
Tim R
Lol... wow 
Yes!, many out there (mostly those that voted Romney) believe Obama is the incarnation of the devil and the end of the world is near and Jesus will be riding down on his fancy horse to whisk them all away to heaven real soon leaving the rest to judgement day and hell.
Its a slow day on the NSA Twitter account.
Jesus rides a dinosaur. They only went extinct 2000 years ago.
And NASA did a FAQ on 2012 BS too.
Judgement day for dinosaurs has already happenned - they all went to hell ;-) Only horses left for riding now. Hopefully we don't shoot him down with an F-22 as he descends from space ;-)
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