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Verizon is not gonna do anything for it since it is EOL now. Bastards 
I've tried my best to leave them, but it just isn't feasible in my area yet.AT&T is getting better, but they aren't any better than Verizon.

I'd love to go t-mobile or straight talk, but i'd have to go without service in one of the places I travel for work. This just isn't a option, so it's the Note 2 on Verizon for the next year and a half. A lot can happen in the cell phone industry in 18 months. 

Maybe Sprint or T-mobile will blow my area away by then and I can switch lol. A person can dream right?
This July, my 8 year relationship with Verizon will come to a close. Hello Nexus 4 16GB
Im leaving Verizon real soon. Got my real nexus device waiting for service. Got the bumper case on the way. All that's left now is porting my number. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand u really think verizon is going to update the samsung galaxy nexus now that its on the EOL list? I think not this device is now a BRICK, an I can wait to throw it.
Maybe this is one of the reasons the nexus 4 didn't have lte activated out of the box... It's def a reason why I'm not with Verizon. On the bright side cm 10.1 has been available for the Galaxy Nexus for a bit now.
I quit waiting on Verizon months ago, rooted my GNEX.
Just updated, had to remove my Google account and add it back to get the market to work FYI. Other than that checking out photosphere and the keyboard.
What the hell is taking ±verizon wireless so long!?!?
I am running AOKP, but it sucks for all the average users out there...
Most people still have a year left who signed contracts to get Gnex's. Verizon made their money and some. Verizon can careless to keep their customers happy with a current update.
My wife and I both have a gnex from Verizon and I don't want to tell you the rash of shit I got when I updated hers to 4.1. She was pissed it looked and worked differently. I think we need to remember that as soon as Verizon took it onto there network it went from a enthusist device to a consumer device. And having the os change radically every update is not in the best interest of the every day consumer. Im happily rooted and flashing roms but my wife absolutely doesn't want her phone to change. 
+Michael Pitts I'm sorry but I have to disagree. 4.2 is nor the drastic jump in ui that 2.3 to 4.0 was. Also there's quite a difference between Aokp, cm 10.1 and stock aosp. The Galaxy nexus is an aosp device. Having regular updates to your device's software is in no way shape an enthusiast perk as you put it and the fact that carriers block it so they can integrate their own bloatware is an insult to the android platform.
So in 4.2 the lock screen isent changed ? The camera app is the same as 4.1 ? 
Normal phone users hate change and when they can't find the camera in the new lock screen they are going to bitch I'm not saying its right but its how it is
All I'm saying is that Verizon has to deal with the soccer moms and regular joes who got the phone because it looked neat. They don't know anything about aosp or whats a nexus phone means they just want to text there wife or call a friend. So they update the phone and all of a sudden the lock screen shortcut to the camera is gone. Who do they call ? Not Google. Verizon. I want every update and as soon as possible. But like its a consumer product and most of Verizon's consumers don't care about Android 4.2 4.3 or anything else they just want the phone to work like it did yesterday. 
+Michael Pitts if soccer moms only want to call or text there are other phones out there that do that. Why would +Verizon Wireless get a exclusive release if they wanted to sell to soccer moms. Also iPhone is as simple as it gets. +Verizon Wireless fucked up and they know it big time. They have bullshit excuses for what they do to Android updates. On the iPhone they don't bother there updating process. C'mon Verizon is on bullshit.
+Michael Pitts no. The lock screen is almost identical other than the fact that you can add widgets to it now. Android is not rocket science. As a matter of fact when you first update there's a built in tutorial that shows you where everything is at. As a matter of fact android is becoming more simplified with each iteration. While I can sympathize with you're wife's issues with updates I can also honestly say she is the minority when it comes to these issues. If it wasn't so, there wouldn't be so many people complaining and leaving Verizon for that reason alone. I'm sorry I don't mean to be offensive but I have a hard time believing someone can't find the camera on 4.2... it's literally one swipe to the left on the lock screen... *shrugs*
That's where the camera went!!
A regular average person walking in a Verizon store is the minority? So almost every who buys a phone reads android central? Watches the keynote about the phone? Really lol look you are looking at a macrocosm here on g+ where techies come and complain about it. In the real world people don't care. My friend with a hct sensation didn't care enough to take a update my friend with the note 1 dident care about the ICS update hell the guy I'm working with now still has a flip phone. People just want it to work and be the same as it always has been I'm not saying that I agree with it. Its just a fact. And they are the majority. 
I'm with you guys here lol I wish people would start to research and use these tools in there pockets to there full abilities. Its sad to be honest. One time I herd a woman who was holding a iPhone say I don't know the number to at&t how do I get it. I just walked away lol 
I like to order pizza using a app... Because I don't like talking to people.
+Michael Pitts really , c'mon why u think ppl flocked to Verizon in the first place. The first nexus device on Verizon network is a big deal. Verizon customers was begging for a nexus device from Google. Trust me there was lines outside Verizon store for that nexus device. Do u call them the average customer? Ppl that really want something simple go for phones like windows and iPhone. Android phones are a big boom in the market and a lot of ppl have heard about the nexus device. Everyone that complains about updates was recommended the nexus phone at some point in the conversation. Who don't known don't want to know. I bet they find out that the new iPhone update is out they would know about it. An honestly that's the average customer. 
+Edward Daniels I agree 100%. On that same point... Why would an average consumer buy a nexus which is considered to be an enthusiast/developer phone? Should've gotten a galaxy s III or an HTC phone if she wanted something simple +Michael Pitts like I know what you're saying but the argument becomes moot when your talking about the nexus line which is supposed to be updated before any other phones as it's used by Google as a reference phone for other third party developers.
I doubt the gnex gave Verizon that many new customers but our right the majority of people wanted the nexus for the fact it was a nexus. But the average phone buyer could buy one along side them. Just thinking it was like a iphone. Was there a sigh on the gnex saying enthusist only ? No my whole pont is that once Verizon sold it to anyone it become a consumer product not something for enthuseoust only. If you think they are not updating it just to be dicks your wrong all I'm saying is its a lot more complex then that. Verizon has customers bro think its small ui changes they might confuse people. And they have to assume everyone has no idea what's changed or how they don't care about you or me who wants it now and have done there homework on the update. It might be hardware issues the Verizon gnex has plenty of them. Hell it took my 4 times to get a replacement gnex that worked. All I'm saying is that there is more to the update being late or not happening then we know or will ever know. 
+Michael Pitts I disagree with u on this one as well. Regardless if the was updated and something changed. When a customer walks into a store especially a Verizon store. Employees greet them customers at the door if the store is not crowded. They ask if they can help u, and the customer specify what they are looking for. Based on the information giving the employee find device suitable for the customer. So the ppl that actually purchase the phone are well aware of what there buying and isn't new to android. 90% of the time the buyer is well aware of android OS. Who have u heard taking about a nexus phone they couldn't figure out basic functions? I don't believe a average customer bought the nexus device as a standard phony for talk and text. Also how come Verizon haven't advertised that phone like they do with all the rest. 
I sat next to a girl on a plain with a Verizon gnex I thought it was funny because when we landed we all pulled out the same phone lol because she was a MIT student i thought she was into android but I noticed she was still on ICS because of the boot animation lol this was on the 7th 
To be honest I don't give a fuck if they ever update the damn thing I am on 4.2 and happy this is just a pointless argument. And like I said earlier we don't know the real reason and never will know why Verizon fucked up updates on the gnex. But it really does not matter in the end because the bootloader unlocks and there is a big development community behind it 
I just am waiting for Verizon to kick me off my unlimited data so I have a good reason to go gsm and not have to worry about their bullshit lol
As soon as HTC's next flagship is released, I will be jumping ship to a GSM carrier.  At least then I know it will be at least six months before I see an update.  My VZW GNex is running CM10.1 nightlies because +Verizon Wireless refuses to stop trying to see daylight from inside their mouth.
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