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i literally fell out of my chair
Bill C
That's harsh.
Seriously. Clusterfuck: The Second coming.

(/me pets my n4)
(Still just want a fucking bumper)
Bumper is okay... 5.41GB of total available internal storage on first boot is not.
+Aaron Kasten Shoulda got a 16gb ;) I have 5.4GB free too...with my music and apps and datas.
In a few months, when they always have stock on the N4, we'll look back at this and laugh.
+Benji Hertel me too, since I'm on Verizon and wont' be getting one anyway. I'm more talking about all the ragey cagey 'children' that are, right at this moment, filling up forums worldwide with hate about not getting their Nexus 4.
+Benji Hertel riiight that's the solution give people almost half the advertsied storage then just tell them they should have purchased the larger version.

I did try to get the 16GB but couldn't ever get an order through.

I will probably return this once the cluster fuck of Google product sales is over and get the 16GB
Eric S
LG created a sex object.

That's kinda awesome. 
I've been trying for almost 30 minutes now. This is incredibly frustrating. 
I don't understand why they don't just let people pre-order the Nexus 4 once they sell out. They're only going to get bad press for being "sold out" a second time on both models of the phone. Why not just sell them, denote that they're sold out, but that their order will be processed "in the order in which it was received" and it'll ship as they produce them.
Don't see how Google can sell a cloud computing platform when they can't even keep an online store running.
+Ian Douglas but is it bad press? I think it is probably good to keep the suspense going a while as the "Nexus 4 so popular it sold out for the second time minutes after it was back in stock." message is powerful for convincing people it is a great phone. And, limited availability is a big driving force for desire.

But it can't be kept up perpetually, so I would imagine by Christmas they will be in stock for longer than a half hour.
They better get the lead out. They're missing a lot of sales. People are hip to all the Cyber Monday on-line buying options, and now is prime time.
Ebay seems to be the only place to get one if you just have to have it. 
I'm willing to bet that a lot of those Ebay sellers don't even have the phone yet. They probably put up an ad, hoping to cash in on desperate people willing to pay a premium, and will then ship when they get the phone from Google (however long it takes Google to ship the order). In other words, Ebay is no shortcut to getting one faster.
Clicked on 16 gb to add to cart and got message there was an error. Clicked again and same thing. Clicked on 8 gb to add to cart and I had all three there. Didn't go any further though. Just wanted to check it out. 
LOL, brand new yellow bar at the top now: "Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience."
+Erik Hanson I guess all of us want the phone....I tried, even though I need to save up. So there are probably more people like me that just wanted to experience and complain...

"Darn, it, I couldn't get it because to the Play Store not acting right" Instead of "Darn, it, I still need to save up for my precious."

+Erik Hanson Waiting for 12/25/2012 to sell my Vivid, then I will have some cash appropriated for the Nexus 4, and eventually 7. I have my Atrix and Nexus S to keep me company until then.

Also I am kind of hoping, if I wait long enough, maybe there will be a 32GB Nexus 4; resulting in the 16GB price being dropped to the current 8GB model. 
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