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The harassment can stop now :P

Or at least change to harassment about something else lol.
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Good review Jerry. I need to replace my aging Nook Color soon. Probably going to go with a Nexus 7, but the Nexus 10 makes my mouth water.
+Jerry Hildenbrand  This bothers me...
"I was a little puzzled when Phil informed me that Miracast wasn't enabled on the Nexus 10 (though it's touted as an Android 4.2 feature)"

I thought it was a thing on this tablet! Any clue why it was omitted or is it that it's just not turned on. 
We love harassing you man!! (partially because you can take it). But this review comes just in time. Right before I hit the accept button on my order. Hopefully this will help me decided between this and the Nexus 7.
Dude - Bravo on the review!

I was an Apple iPhone 3GS user in April 2011.  I'd tried for months to get an iPad 2 and was unsuccessful (and after becoming bored with the iPhone - missing out on the iPad 2 made me feel jaded towards the company).

I'd purchased a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom in May 2011 and have been a loyal Android convert ever since (SGS II and SGS III owner).

However - my Xoom is getting long in the tooth and I was REALLY wanting a new tablet.

Your review nailed all of my anticipated questions - can't wait to get a Nexus 10.

Great review, still not interested in a 10 inch tablet.
Very good review man....I do have one question for you though that you didnt really touch on when talking about the TF700 as a comparison. Even though you can cause a stutter in chrome and in hires video, do you see any of the overall lag that I saw with the tf700? I loved my tf101, moved to the tf700 was nice but it would just choke like crazy when taxing it, sometimes when it wasnt being taxed.
Hi, can you make a video showing another browser than chrome? Its a shame but chrome lags in my s3 as well. I really cant stand a unit that lags. iSheep friends will kill me by laughs.

In fact I am thinking of getting the much slower (hardwarewise) Note 10.1 instead because:

1) its available now (sweden will probly get n10 in 4 month as usual)
2) it just does not lag as I have seen (low resolution screen I guess)
3) my kids will adore that stylus

Is that just stupid of me?
Good job on the review +Jerry Hildenbrand I think that they should have used a quad core A15 due to pushing all of those pixels.  I'll wait for the Nexus 10 v2.
If you could to a video just showing all kinds of situations where there is lag and where there is not, so I can decide if I can live with it.
Thanks a lot for your great review, I have ordered my Nexus 10 in Germany today (it was quickly sold out, and the Google Play Store had a lot of trouble handling the rush...)

I was however wondering about the bad scrolling performance of Google Chrome in your video, did you try other browsers? And did you or anyone else investigate this issue? I really hope Google will improve this ;)
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