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Thanks Jerry, now I have to buy a pair.
dunno if that's worth $1500 + tax ;)
+Jerry Hildenbrand I can't think of a single person that I'd like to be part of Glass more than you Sir quote Switch from the original Matrix film. 'Not like this!'
Those glasses look kind of goofy. There is no way you would be able to drive with them. 
+Matthew Gray  I am sure that you could, have you seen the new video in the link above?  Go to the "what it feels like" section, it really is amazing.
+Daniel Eggleton I'm just being honest. All these bloggers who got in the program the first time around took units away from developers. The price tag isn't the reason we didn't get one.

I'd rather see someone get these who can do something great with them. I'll write about that instead :)
+Jerry Hildenbrand I can't sit here and claim to know how they were allocated last time round. As I understood it they were allocated at the 2012 I/O event and that was the only time they have been offered? 

I would love to think that Google would want to get these in the hands of the developers who will take it in directions we can not yet even begin to imagine but the sad fact is that they are going to need to pimp it out to the media and get that hype machine working overdrive and I guess that's what the hash tag thing is all about. 

If they are going to hand it out to 'bloggers' then I'd sooner it's the guys I know and trust like AC to get to grips with it and give me skinny.
As I look down the list, I think the hashtag thing has more to do with getting ideas on how they could be used rather than just building up hype.
They are not called midgets fool.
They are people mcnuggets.
#ifihadglass  - what a gas. Lots of class. Not much mass. Hope it comes to pass.   
I didnt watch the video yet but i will. 
Ward A
God I hope you win for this.
Leave it to our favorite Hillbilly to come up with midget porn
I think this would be cool for tourists (just remember to take them off before you cross the street!)
Chances are that I've read a few articles of yours on android central, but I had no idea who you were. I was searching for midget porn (don't ask why), and came across this. You gained a Google plus follower, because of midget porn.

*eagerly anticipating 4.4 kitkat
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