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I'll just put this here.
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Always knew deep down in my heart that you were part of the 1%. ;)
Me thinks people aren't seeing this for what it is... :-P 
83 hours played?  Are you missing phones to review? LOL
KDE.........hmmmm....I always pictured you as more of an +XFCE or Openbox kinda guy... :-) 
I saw, but I'm jealous, therfore I'm pouting and acting like I did not notice :'( 
+Nick Adams I switch between OB3 and KDE. I need KDE installed because I'm completely dependent on Kate lol. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand that alright, I'm completely dependant on the operating system I install after I install my operating system (emacs). To each his own :-) 
I thought only Left 4 Dead 2 was available to run through Steam for Linux. Did those other games install and run?
Now I know something's wrong with me. First thing a noticed was KDE 
While not a Linux user, does your entire library show up on Steam for Linux or jsut those games that support it?
Store and library are pretty broken. You can DL all the Win only games, but of course none install lol.
This is still the alpha build to test controls and window decorations.
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