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I've been watching all the Android fans fight today, and I think I finally figured it out.

Samsung = House Harkonnen
HTC = House Atreides
Sony = House Corrino
Nexus = Fremen
LG = Spice smugglers
Carriers = Bene Gesserit
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since T-Mobile is so friendly to the nexus line does that make her Jessica?
Friendly, but still tried to meddle in the affairs of the great houses. It fits.
Yep. Also tried to use the fremen to rise above her station
No idea what you're taking about, Jerry. Should I hang my head in shame? 
You should read dune and all things dune
I guess that would make us the Spacing Guild...
I'm well versed in the weirding ways.
Following your line of thinking. Then the Tmo HTC One will be the Kwisatz Haderach. I'm cool with that.
+Jerry Hildenbrand Excellent use of the classics. Dune is still one of my favorite movies of that time next to bladerunner. :-) 
So who's Baron Harkonnen?
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
Ok, this post just wins the internet today.
Andy Rubin =Leto Atreides
Matias Duarte = Paul Atreides 
And you didn't mention Motorola geeze there is more hate with moto then any other phone
I always looked at the smart phone landscape as Westeros. Apple is King Joffrey.
+Kent Glisson as much as I hate to say it Google would be Littlefinger, because they have a hand in everything.
Not bad. (aren't you glad I didn't say, "you're dune fine"?). I would lean more toward Carriers = Worms, but they are sneaky and evil, so I can go with your pick.
Would Motorola = IX and which is house Ordos
I vote for carriers=guild instead, I hope. Hanging onto their monopoly, controlling the houses, while the Fremen that appear to be under control are really part of their subversion. Motorola may be Atreides in that case...
+Anthony Cooke For any who have used it, Google Now is a sandworm. Apple is the Bene Gesserit looking for their new Messiah.
I was thinking game of thrones!!! 
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