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Photosphere, Rt. 26 West Virginia.

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+Sean Baker lol. Just doin' my job :P

+David Pancake Google needs to get a viewer on the mobile app, and a stand alone viewer you can download ASAP for these I think. Would make them, and by extension Android, all sorts of popular for picture sharing
agreed +Jerry Hildenbrand, they need a stand alone app. heck I think they need the camera released as a stand alone and on iOS, would help bring more people over to G+
I assume that review is coming tomorrow or Tuesday. 
When is the review coming????
every time someone asks when, I move it forward another day.
I'm glad I assumed and didn't ask. 
I really wish that these would work in the G+ Android app. 
So, how many Google apps are going to update tomorrow? I figure that Gmail will be updated to 4.2 at least. 
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