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Microsoft: We read your email and serve you ads based on the subject line. Google reads your email and serves you ads based on the text. Google = evil.

If Google is evil, what does that make Microsoft? Stupid?
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It makes Microsoft less effective at targeting ads, which means they get to make less money off of ads.

... so yeah, stupid.
Microsoft needs to be in full recovery mode with both their tablet models getting failing grades... not trying to rip Gmail as if hotmail could ever become relevant again...
Milty C
i like having ads that are tailored to my interests. I dont see the problem, assuming google keeps any data collected private and anonymous, which im sure they do.
I don't give a shit. Gmail is still the best mail client/service out there.
Good one ! How petty & negative can one get!
I don't think Google does a good job at tailoring ads. The only ads I ever get are for the online college I already go to, if Google really read emails they should know this. As a user of both MS and Google services I will say Google owns MS in just about everything but MS @outlook is nice and do enjoy using it. 
What is with this my little pony shit with these avatars?
Weli A
Google is winning. Microsoft is losing. Period.
+Ben Swann - the my little pony crap is the misguided beginings of grown men preying on young girls with similar interests.

These are typically known as pedophile traits. 
Or you know, people who just like a good show. Funny that there's fud on a post talking about fud...
Microsoft is like Hans Gruber about to shoot John & Holly while dangling from the top of the Nakatomi. One last, little act of defiance before becoming strawberry jam on the sidewalk. 
I Will take good Service with tailored ads by a computer over crappy Service with non relevant ads any day

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