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Getting prizes ready to ship out. If feels good to rub all these boxes.
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Jody B
Tim R
You're just rubbing them for luck right?
How about you shoot one of those wireless chargers my way? Please!!! I'll take an N7 while you're at it as a matter of fact!
You said rub all these boxes...... Hahaha
I'd love one if this Nexus 7's
How do we win one of these prizes?
Tim R
I have one of everything in that picture :-)
I'd like to rub a box.. Wink wink
+Kevin Jones Keep an eye on -- we don't do giveaways on G+ 'cause it's against the rules.

The tablets and phones in that picture are already spoken for, and I'm working on a contest to give away the chargers
I soooooo want the nexus 4 and charger!
I think those are from the Valentine's Day contest.
This is why I can't get a nexus 4, because AC keeps buying all of them! 
my tablet died it just wont turn on
i wouldn't say no to a nexus 4, it took me already a minute to write the comment with my pre historic phone... 
EHRMERH GERHD Look at all those sexy nexi devices.
+Jerry Hildenbrand hello jerry, can I win one even though I'm in the UK and how do I enter the competition, thank you
I have used a iPhone since day one and now want up switch to android please I want a nexus 4 :) 
I am so friggin' excited! Can't wait to get mine - I've been clawing for the Nexus 4 for ever! Right when I had enough money to get it, it went out of stock for 2 months! fail....but I won one now so HELLZ YA! Thanks again for that awesome Valentine's Day Contest!
Thanks +Leslie GL :-) Been prepping all week for it :-) Major Android nerd...ha
Still haven't gotten a nexus 7. How do I fix this? 
My dear wife's Kindle Fire broke. So I set up an account for her on my Nexus 7. It's now her Nexus 7, she informed me she's not going back to Kindle Land. Boohoo for me. Guess I have to get her a Nexus 10 to get my Nexus 7 back. Help! BTW, 4.2.2 IS VERY FINE!
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