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The best 40 minutes you'll have this week. #LedZepplin
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I spend that 40 minutes like every week
Only 40? My weekly dosage is... Well... Over 9000...
Ok, serious question often debated in my (non-G+) circle of friends: II or IV?
What a terrific album!  II or IV depends on my mood - that's a hard call for me to pick one over the other.
Yeah, it mostly depends on my mood whether II or IV, but I over both of them usually.
Physical graffiti boys, but really all Zeppelin is good Zeppelin
No one ever gives their first album any love. 
Just finished watching Letterman talking with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.  Fond memories of all their music for me.  We wore their vinyl out!
IV "When the Levee Breaks" pushes it ahead IMHO. 
Yeah, I agree with +Michael Zanette - all Zeppelin is good Zeppelin, and with +Scott Attula I love the first album too. I like kicking off my entire collection of Zeppelin and listening all the way through.
I could never nail down a permanent favorite, but it's currently Out on The Tiles.
I've always been partial to Over the hills and far away or bron-y-aur stomp.  Probably my 2 favorite Zep songs.  If you didn't know, Bron-y-aur stomp is about a dog.  
I Mott
wow... great!!!
Takes me back........ young, no obligations just fun every day.
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