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So pretteh!!! Going to give it away?
:( like salt in my back ordered wound! 
Just got mine too. Sorta disappointed that the battery arrived completely dead. Now I have to wait for it to charge. #pout   #firstworldproblems  
Hey, at least you are on back order.  I can't afford it and my contract ends in July.  Even with the price being so low.  I want this phone. Ahhh
Mine hasn't even shipped yet.  Nor have I been told that it's out of stock.  My friend who ordered his three minutes after I did just had his CC charged, but hasn't received shipping notification.

P.S. I hate you :-P
I HATE YOU!!!! I haven't received any type of backorder email or shipping email. Same here +Jim Moore 
So, now that you've had it for half an hour, what do you think?
I'd love a tutorial on how you get away with only 8 gigs. If you've explained it in the past I'm sorry. 
he doesn't store much media on it.  unlimited data plus Cloud equals FTW
+Robert Romano He's not a storage person.  He uses the cloud and when he is done with downloaded content, he deletes it.  He can always get it back again from the cloud.
Yep. The cloud is perfect for me. Install 250MB worth of apps, have access to terabytes of my stuff :)
+Kevin O'Quinn that makes sense, I guess I'd have problems with the cloud since I don't have unlimited data. I used to but my data was so poor with Sprint that I could rarely access my music without downloading it.
Got mine today about 4 pm. Battery charged and everything perfect. I admit to being hesitant when I learned it was an LG phone. All doubt gone gone gone. This phone rocks.

Posted from my nexus four.
I know my no Nexus tears are Delicious, but since +Jerry Hildenbrand hates Elvis, I can not let him taste them. :P
I just don't understand how I've receive no notification of backorder or shipping, yet! I'm in HELL!!
Cloud revolution!!!! Ive had the Verizon Gnex since it came out and I've only have used 3 gigs! All my music is on Google music and I use Netflix and HBO go for movies! 
So! I have a chance of getting the Nexus4 today from a guy in my town but he wants 400 for a 8 gig model! Should i get it? Or wait till google has them in stock? Need advice here please help!
+Hector Bribiesca $100 more to get that phone right now or wait to get it from Google?  That's a hard decision to make. Since I got my 16 GB order in, I'm going to wait for mine.  If I was in your position, I would try to get him to take $350 or $375?
+Sean Baker and +Brian Fuller thanks for the help! I'm going to see if he lowers his price! But I'm thinking I'll still buy it! and when the 16 gig becomes available I'll try to get one if they don't sell out! Then wait till the 8 gig sells out and put my use 8 gig for sell on ebay and try to get ad much as I can back!
So compared the my Gnex the colors on my Nexus4 do look washed out! Can someone explain why?
Different screen type.  You may just be used to the GNex screen. Does it look bad?  That is the real question.
No not really! I guess I am used to the Gnex! The colors are just not vibrant as the Gnex! But the whites are whiter! 
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