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Yes, the HTC timer and the Ubuntu timer will reach zero at the same time.

No, this does not mean HTC is building an Ubuntu tablet.
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I think it is just the time they release the Ubuntu Phone images?
Pretty sure this just means Sony is developing an HTC tablet running Ubuntu called the PS4tini
You sure do like killing some people's hopes and dreams.  :P
Interestingly enough, they will both go off at the exact time my daily reminder to take my vitamins goes off.

Jerry's building an HTC Ubuntu tablet!
+Jeremy Meiss , I am keeping an eye on them but I am not sure if it means anything.

With the exception of the Nexus and the Windows 7.8/8 Phones, EVERY HTC device has been tarnished with Sense. I dont want to live in a world with a Ubuntu Sense UI. I just dont see it happening, sorry. 
+Jeremy Meiss , you also need to remember that Ubuntu is "all in" on Unity, Sense + Unity would make almost no sense at all. One of them would need to give (HTC in this case) if there is any sign of a future partnership.

I would LOVE to see it though.
But does the basic idea of an Ubuntu tablet interest you personally? Or is the phone implementation more to the point?
Desktop Linux on a tablet = win.
A mobile version on a phone interests me, but it has to be done good. I think Tizen will do it better, but I really want to check out both.
Seems reasonable. My Linux friends seem to concur.
probably just the release time of ubuntu for the nexus tablets. They did N4 and GNex already as well
+Keith Myers That's a matter of opinion. I happen to like Sense 4.x's feature set. It's still slow on Jelly Bean sometimes, but it's nothing a good team of software engineers couldn't fix.
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