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This research products thingy in Google now - is that new? 
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must be. I've gotten an related-article card, but not a product card.
It's been there for a bit, but I notice it popping up more frequently now. 
Somewhat. I don't remember when they first did research cards, but they did improve on that recently with products, recipes, and a few others.
It's one of the newer ones. Been there for a couple months.
Yeah, it was added to the last google app a few days ago. 
Yeah, I've had plenty of them, especially for Harris Teeter.
Randy K
Nope, not new. Had one on December 31st, 2012, when I was in Safeway.
It's hit or miss for me.  I've noticed it ever since 4.1? I think.  
Interesting. They showed up for me the first time the day after the last update.
Shout out to Martinsburg, West Va! Lots of good times back in the day. That Google Search thingy is cool too...
I keep getting some for petsmart and I've yet to actually research anything online about a pet. I don't even own any pets... Fml :-\ 
That would be a scoop if they are charging or planning to.
+Nate Swanner it works in Target for me. I work inside of one and I've been seeing it for a few months now. 
Sure is, I saw it today for the 1st time after doing a camera search. 
I've seen it for a while. Glad others are getting it contextually. 
Don't think so. It may be new-ish though. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand I ordered the charging orb from the Google play store right. I know Google now is suppose to grab the shipping info from gmail and turn it into a card. Does this work for u? It still doesn't work for me, or is it not ready for prime time yet?
How the hell does every one get all the cards to work?
I got this over Christmas when I was in Best Buy pretty funny I thought
Rene - What's not working?
+Dan McDermott I live very close to Martinsburg, Close enough to buy my groceries there. ~15 miles south towards the VA. Border.

+Edward Daniels works fine here. Tracking stuff has always worked pretty well IMO. 

I got it to work at WalMart (obviously). I could not get anything to work at:
Target, Best Buy, PetSmart, Dick's, Borders, Sprint, 5-Below, or the Royal Casino and Lounge. Technically I wasn't inside any of the first 6 places, but I was standing against their front door. I was inside the 7th location, which is why it's taken so long to respond :)
I always get the research card, but never get the News card that i really want. Ugh.
Same here +Joshua Sutton Google Play orders (Nexus 4, Bumper and Charging Orb) never displayed tracking info in Google Now. Amazon orders always generate a tracking card in Google Now. Not sure why that is.
+Jerry Hildenbrand no its not  i work at lowes home improvement and just about everyday i go to work it pops up in my google now
+Jerry Hildenbrand I did find something I think is new in 4.2.2. Try using voice search when a song is playing (the mic icon in the search bar or Google Now). Had the radio on in the car this morning. When I went to use voice search and my N4 heard music, it automatically showed an icon for sound search. Nicer than having to quickly scream "what's that song" at the phone.
First time I saw it was today. We got to Costco a little early, and were waiting in the car for them to open. Looked at Google Now, and there was a card for researching prices at Costco. 
Anyone else having a problem with the Google Now widget? If I reboot my Nexus 7 the widget doesn't load properly and just displays "No cards available."
Nope - working fine here!
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