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Apparently, because I like my Nexus 4 I'm a paid shill for Google.

1. I WISH I got paid by Google. 
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That would mean all those people who like their iPhones are paid shills for Apple! I knew it.
I have just been permanently disturbed by that animation. But I'' forgive you because I like GIFs.
Jerry!  WTH is that Bro! For realz!  WTH is that!!!
I wrote a post about the new Verizon plan where I listed all the things I didn't like about the new plan, and why I was upgrading before the deadline to keep my UL plan, and someone still thought I was a shill for Verizon. 
Will you please sign my online petition to Google to make them update the G+ app to allow gifs to work? 
I'm still laughing over here in Fred MD!
ZOMG! Some things just can not be unseen. 

If Google would take my gd money i too could be a paid shill. 
Holy Shit. That gif is amazing. It cannot be unseen, and yet must be seen. 
I just realized the majenta phaser beam was shot through space and time...   #DIZZAM  

The only thing I don't like is that the split notification at the top and that they link to settings and don't toggle
My Nexus4 is rockin!  
Pay me google.. PAY ME!! lol
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