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So I used iOS 6 for a day. 

1. I had to download everything from Google to turn it into a usable smartphone.
2. I can't change one line in the APN so I can send and receive MMS without jailbreaking.
3. The keyboard is horrible if you have man-sized fingers.
4. Have to use an email-based hack to send links to Read-it-later/Pocket.
5. The 1980's look to the OS is as bad as TouchWiz.
6. I stopped looking or caring after that,

If you think it's bad when you're borrowing your friends iPhone or iPad to check it out, be thankful you don't have to use it every day. 
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I salute your bravery to try that ancient phone. 
I understand +Jerry Hildenbrand ! I had to use a friend's iphone to help them ser something up on it. It was beyond painful 
The keyboard is tiny, has piss-poor auto-correct and lousy prediction (when it decides to predict). There's also no easy way to hide it if you need to hide it, or at least no easy documented way.

My thumb covers 11 letters, just the tip covers 3. I can't type on a teeny toy keyboard. So yes, it sucks. And you can't change out for a decent one. 

Camera is basic and takes good pictures in good light and grainy pictures in low light, just like every other small sensor phone camera. 
I couldn't imagine using one myself. It was painful enough just to purchase a cover for my daughter's 4S. (Don't blame me... she lives with Mom!)
I loathe Apple. Many users need an android user to figure it out for them. Apple's like wearing kid mittens. 
Is the perception that iOS wins hands down on usability (poisoned marketing strategy) but I have few colleagues (basically non-tech savvy) switched from iOS to Android (mainly Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II) are having a blast!
A friend wants to know how to roll back to iOS5 after having installed iOS6. Can someone help? I am unable to because I've never been a consistent iPhone user at any point.
The iphone itself is a terrible device.  The software is another animal which should be condemned also.  Android has had all the features way before apple even thought about it.  Not only that, android is open source.  Apple controls everything on their os which means certain apps are not available to you.  If you want simple and want to support a company who should not exist than go with apple products.  If you want innovation and change for a push forward in technology then go with android.  Even windows phones as many flaws as they have is going in the right direction. 
I think technology's turning to crap these days.
Raja Mitra, you can only roll back to iOS 5 with saved SHSH blobs. 
+Jorge Ort I was willing to read until you pulled the "cheap" card.

Iphones are free on contract at fucking Walmart, and even for sale from Virgin Mobile prepaid. Apple has raced to the bottom.

These aren't BS reasons. If you have a solution to any of these problems, feel free to share with the class. If not, kindly go fuck yourself.
Stopped reading when you had the nerve to call it a "Smartphone". 
In addition, the whole "ease of use" thing is crap, my kids who are 7 and 5 find navigation on my N7/N10 easier than our iPad.
Jorge Ort
You missed my point entirely and frankly I could care less to try and explain it to you. 
Use the word "Fag" and you're blocked and reported. 
I hate bigots more than iOS.
+Jerry Hildenbrand So, after all of that, do you have the IOS fling out of your system?

I have several friends and one wife who use IOS and like it. I'm with you--I like the screen resolution and the display speed. I haven't even remotely liked anything else about it. I don't know how people can stand 'em.

I know lots of people do...I just don't know how. 
Neither OS is better than the other, it's all about what YOU like best.
+Bill Morgan yes, and no. I really want to play with iCloud a bit to see where Apple is going with it. It's just been frustrating to get the phone set up in a way I can use. 
I don't understand why people really hates iPhones, I have 4s I use it every day and its better than any other phones I had. Maybe the the keyboard correction be a little annoying but you can always turned it off. 
I work at Sprint and have recently (this week) noticed the iPhone 4S 16GB is being sold to certain business accounts for only $49.99 - other accounts pay $99.99. The iPhone 4 8GB was free immediately after the iPhone 5's release until we ran out completely.

Why do I go into all this? Because I don't see any top tier Android devices being offered that cheap on a regular basis.
Bunch cry baby who can not afford buying the device 
Some one hand this man his Nexus! Oh jerry its over now, you don't have to use that piece of crap anymore 
Jerry free my ass 2 years contract !! Nothing free dude . They get you some how :) 
Get me 1000 for free I buy them all from you $20 each :) 
Just because you don't know how to use a phone doesn't mean you need to be a troll and give it bad reviews. It is really simple, you just refuse to give it any credit.
I am not dissing on android, I have bad experiences with HTC crashing though, and others don't like the galaxy and have had bad experience. I just prefer IOS.
+Craig Frycklund - please make it stop! Don't just say crap to say it. Mobile Me was not better. It's not even the same thing. I can use tweetbot on all my devices and my EXACT location of viewing my stream is the same on all devices - that's icloud as well as a much improved email/contact/ calendar/tasks solution. App developers can utilize icloud as a syncing device please educate yourself before commenting on something. 
yet none of you can tell me how to fix any of my issues. Keyboard is what it is, but I should be able to set an APN on an unlocked GSM phone right? And no way to integrate a read-it-later service into Safari?
aw fuck. what's hot? I'm muting my own post. That will teach me to post publicly. 
The keyboard is fine for me, android device I have used that others have, the keys are small and not as responsive as I would like. The read later, I Dont Know.
I thought Facebook was bad with the overly passionate and infantile posts. Does everyone feel better now? Blegh, iOS. Apple sucks. No, Android sucks! Gahhh!!!!! Everyone calm down and focus on something that actually matters. 
Randy H
Switched from android to iPhone and not looking back
You can add a page to home screen and read it later that way.
Now that was your first mistake... You will look back after a month from now when you realize how much you can't do on your ipood...
There is MMS and a really good predictive keyboard! It know what I am trying to type based on the sentence, even it the incorrect word is a word that is real and spelled right.
+Piero Lecca I have a lot of family with HTC and some with the Galaxy, from galaxy1-3, it is still constantly crashing, freezing up, resetting contacts, deleting messages and pictures, and still many faults. They have however gotten their act together a lot better than HTC. All I have to say is don't go with the droid incredibles!
i dont mind the iphone 5..Google ecosystem works excellent.
the big problem that i have is 
you cant set wifi on always...when the phone goes to sleep it goes to 3g after 2 mins or so...that sucks if you want to download stuff at home..
so gave my iphone 5 to my wife..and stuck with my galaxy note..but then i sold that..and got a nexus 4 16GB :D.
but iPad mini dont really mind to nexus 7 ;)
I was the hugest iOS and Apple fan when I got an iPhone 4 in 2010... Over time, I began to resent it as it seemed to get slower and slower until it would actually crash rather frequently.  The hardware itself was not even designed to last for two years, and the operating system felt so limited after a while.  This summer I traded it in for an HTC One X and although HTC isn't perfect I'm loving the phone and Android.

Of course there's a learning curve, but I've never heard of an operating system that even a less-than-savvy person couldn't learn in about an hour.  Be it Windows, iOS, or Android, so many reviewers judge the product after using it for 5 minutes and call it "worthless" or "hard to use"... these reviews are total garbage.  I'm kind of disappointed by how many there are.
+Fernando De Leon, did it really switch to 3G? That is odd I haven't heard of that. I have a 4S and that doesn't happen to me. I am going to watch for that.
+Alex Ander I am basing my review of HTC from about 3 years of experience. At first I love it, but it took its slow plunge with me, I now don't like it. My mom got the HTC droid incredible 2 and it is garbage, it was hard for her to learn and she is constantly complaining about it deleting her stuff. The screen doesn't seem calibrated right (I will be taking a look shortly to see if I can re-calibrate the screen). The battery seems to die in about an hour and the screen doesn't always respond. Maybe HTC really stepped it up with your phone! I hope they did, I really liked HTC.
Drop that sucker in a fish bowl and buy a $14.oo dollar verizon/Samsung pay as you go phone. Pay $50.00 bucks a month for all the talk,text and web/ can't be beat. Good luck and happy hunting.
Dave Kali
Lose some weight maybe your fingers wouldn't be so fat...
Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Get a life. It's a phone not a religion. Buy what you like and get on with your life.
Use what works for you. Pretty simple right? I will never understand how people get so insecure about what phone they are using. 
I would only suggest someday soon android os should be on select top of the line phones! Right now they are putting android on everything and anything just to get the market share up but they fail to realize low end phones= freezing up, bad battery life etc leaving some people with a bad taste in their mouth for android. 
+Tylar West +Fernando De Leon it seems to be the iPhone 5's that this is occurring on. My 4S never had that issue. My friend was just complaining about this last night. (he just got his iPhone 5)
Apple has one phone to make run right.....Android is only an os and relays on Phone company to make a great phone! My gs3 is just that best Phone out there
Preach brother! Preach! 
+Steve Lee, thanks for clearing that up, my 4S has never given me problems. It is the right phone for me and I understand it well, I also understand android, I just like the nice feel and quality of the iPhone, some androids are just real garbage.
Oh geez, hate it when I get a picture text from a friend who uses an iOS device and I get it in that stupid slide show format where I have to read the text and then I have to wait to see the pic. That's like some 2006 bullshit right there...
I used Android for a day and then:

1- First boot it didn't connected to my Google account and didn't downloaded anything.
2- Factory reset
3- Tried again
4- Downloaded my data finally
5- Widgets sucked and so confusing at time
6- Too much going on the keyboard while typing
7- Battery died soon because Android is battery hogger
8- Returned the stupid Android device and got myself perfect iOS device (two of them) and loving it. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand don't sweat it dude. I'm in the middle of deciding between phones and read these posts for the knowledge of more experienced users after building Verizon sites for 10 years. Building as in climbing, swapping lines antennas etc. Unfortunately reading any post about OS differences and bugs turns into a goddamned holy war. Keep it up man, some people still appreciate it
I just wish iPhone users stop sending me slide shows and send me a real MMS dammit! Other than that, get what you like and rock on!
+Steve Lee +Tylar West thanks sure my ipad mini does not do that...
its really frustrating when you have dropbox not updating ..because iphone 5 decides to disconnect from wifi after some time whilst asleep.. so yes..
one thing i can say for iphone 5 is that you can at least do a video google hangout..
yet on galaxy s 2 , galaxy s3 and galaxy note you cant.  the video out does not play..figure that out?!
The one thing that is great about iphones and other ios devices is the clear cut and whole ecosystem. There are clear and branded options for what you need. Itunes across to apple tv and airplay, as well so all of the accessories.

So it's convenient for someone who doesn't care to find their own solutions or a specific use case. Ios has one keyboard to serve as many people as possible, instead of androids multiple options so each person can find their solution.

Ios is unusable for people like the op that wants to tweak their settings. Android is unusable for people who don't actually understand how their tech works. And of course apple tends to appeal to those who like status symbols, as evidenced by all the people posting here as if owning an I phone makes them appear smarter or richer. 
You can send MMS with iPhone. I don't understand how a supposedly smart person like this couldn't figure that out. I think you have your head so far up android's ass that you can't at least see the good things in iOS.
Really??? Android vs iOS, amd vs intel, ps3 vs xbox360 haters all over! Just love whatever you get not everybody has the opportunity to have either stop hating 
I need to change the APN that gives for att.mvno. You can not do that without jailbreaking. 

Until I can change the APN (like you can do on even GSM "dumbphones") I can not send MMS.
As a 3 year android user I switched I iphone 5, and I have a bigger list of hate of android. God everytime I say I hate android I will have to say I used android otherwise the fandroids will accuse me of an apple idiot
had been using android for 2 years... moved to windows and seriously... i am happy and proud to say i got out of android... i am never touching an android phone in my life and i definitely am not the guy to spend on the iphone... who ever uses the iphone... pity.. .
It's posts like this that make me hate even opening up Google+. Even if I try to unfollow the people who talk about nothing but their smartphone-based religion, Google insists on putting those posts on my feed.
Jerry Hildenbrand if it is for free then through it for all
+Cody Russell very true g+ used to be a good news reader until the fandroids filled up
+James Lin Which Android phones did you have?  Almost every time I hear of someone switching to iOS and being happy, it's because they had crappy old Android phones and are comparing them to the latest and greatest iPhone.  You could be an exception, but that's generally been my experience.
I feel the same way when I tried android. Or try to use someone else's android. They're just different. And critiquing it based of being used to android isn't a valid critique. Try it for like a month and I'm sure you may not be as critical. And if I did that I'd be more used to android. 
Funny thing is I have an android, and when I use other's androids they seem foreign.  They carriers mod the OS so much they really do terrible things sometimes IMO.  If you use cyanogen or a device like Nexus that is close to stock, I think you get a really good experience.
The LG Optimus G is a kick ass phone. New gmail update rocks. Had the iphone 5 and sold it. Too small. If you like ios then stick with the iphone and android stick with android. Jerry posted his opinion about the iPhone and if you iOS lovers cant deal with it. Get a fuckin life. The iphone wouldnt be shit if it didnt have Google apps, Gmail, and Google Maps and Samsung made parts too.
I had android up to 2.3 with nothing but issues. Forceclosings, bad earphones, and over six replaced phones for something going wrong. I switched to a 4s no problems to this date. I will admit it is boring but always functional and hasn't let me down. You all can hate all you want but what I know is I'm not calling service everyday. 
Could probably say the same about an Android phone. Loving the iPhone 5.
+Jerry Hildenbrand You have to be sneaky with the iPhone. Since ur using an AT&T sim, the APN screen is hidden. Stick in a T-Mobile Sim. Go to general, cellular, cellular data network. QUICKLY pop out the T-Mobile Sim and put in the AT&T Sim. Click on cellular then cellular data network. The screen may have nothing in the fields. Double tap the home button and choose another app. Wait about 5 seconds. Double tap the home button again and choose the settings icon again. Fill in the correct info. Keep hitting back until you get back to settings. MMS can be sent.

I have ST like you, and I send MMS all the time. My iPhone isn't jailbroken. 
I used HTC hero and Samsung Galaxy S2, not exactly shit phones back then
The windows phones look pretty stylish too.
@brandon you definitely are
I find Android much harder to use.
I don't understand why you couldn't send a MMS.
To each his own.
At least I don't feel the need to constantly harp on how awful the competition is. I don't have phone envy
Welcome to my hell. Sold my galaxy nexus cuz I get a free 4s for my job. Had to buy a nexus 7 just to keep my sanity.
ICloud is awful, stay away from it. 
IOS was designed for low end hardware, processors etc. That's why it was configured to a somewhat fixed aspect ratio across devices, low multi tasking support

Android is the opposite. Configured for multi tasking, responsive to any screen size and lots more customization.

IPhone was basically a better experience in the early years because hardware was lagging behind and therefore the more limited system worked more smoothly.

Circa 2011 - galaxy s2, galaxy nexus and other phones brought good hardware to the market.

The more sophisticated, flexible system (android) started doing as good or better - than iOS in terms of perceived performance.

Android is an OS of the future which could be carried on any number of device types and sizes.

With the hardware clearly available to facilitate it to perform at its potential, android will do add much and then lots more then iOS at an equal or better speed. This is going to be game over soon.

Heard Jonny ive is managing the ios UI portfolio. An update there might change things for ios, but as of now ios is looking second best.
What's hot and recommended always seems to be some harsh review on a non-google product. 
Also my friend said he hated apple devices and I have him a 4s and now he can't put it down ps apple makes things better so ha ass hole learn study THINK DIFFRENT
Wow...could you people cry any more? Why don't you just use your own phones and be greatful. You need to share your feelings with your support group? You want a hug princess? Poor you had to use a smart phone, woe is fuckin you. Wow. Win.
Lol I am a programmer and I have been flashing Roms for the last 3 years, enough is enough, nothing tech savvy to enjoy android bullshit
Still waiting for the jailbreak for the ios 6 ipad 3 to come out. 
so i used android for a day... was less than half a battery died
I have an iPhone. I hate it. I use my family Android tablet more. I have two Microsoft computers, and hope to get the Windows Phone or an HTC, but until I get $300 to cancel my plan, or until it's up in 2014, I'm stuck with iOS 6. Thankfully, I have nearly every Google or Microsoft app there is. 
This is kind of funny because I used my friends galaxy for about 10 mins and I was so lost 
I enjoy my Galaxy Nexus way to much. Been with Android since Donut (started with a Droid Eris). Its grown a lot and its great now. But its my preference. Get what you like, that's what I say. If some folks can't handle that, they can just fuck themselves...
+Jerry Hildenbrand After you are done. Turn off WiFi and send to a non iPhone. That way u make sure you're not using iMessage. 
I find it entertaining how someone can say the apps look like they are from the 1980s and cell phones ( if they even existed) had no screen at all. Yes they look basic but this over exaggeration is a little much don't you think?
If you are waiting patiently for the iPhone 6... I have a solution for you. Give me $500 and I'll draw a '6' on your iPhone 5 for you. They got LTE on the 5... so I guess the 6 will have.... hmmm... a new proprietary charger?? Lol
The reality is that it is all down to tastes and preferences. If one is open to it, let them try either OSes but I'm perfectly happy with iOS.
funny...I loaned my iPhone to Sasquatch and he had the same complaints.
I've been an Apple user for a while. My Nexus 4 should be arriving tomorrow. That being said, I believe you can change the APN settings in iOS in Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network. I could be wrong. I hope it helps. 
totally agree: iOS is so old compared to Android and WP8 GUIs
+Jerry Hildenbrand do you know how many Android phones are free or highly discounted "at fucking Walmart" Pr any retailer for that matter? Android is on Virgin Mobile as well as Cricket Wireless. Your an idiot. I've owned a 4s as well as Android galaxy and the SGll. Stop the pissing contest. 
i'm glad to be an android device owner..
I use the hell out of my GS3 and charge it once a day. I notice all my apple loving pals walking around with a charger in their pocket and laugh. +Nasario Tolabing your argument is a fail.
+Jason Wells -- I'm not the one saying Android is for poor people. I've said all along that Apple will (and should) drop prices and sell to more carriers. 
One you go beyond 4inchers there is no turning back, well at least i wont. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand I understand your frustration. I used an iPhone for 2 months. I liked the screen resolution but that was it. It was a down grade from my nexus S other than the build quality. Most of the iPhone users I know had bad experiences with bad android devices and put all of them in the same category. Android's strength is it's freedom and versatility. Most iPhone users don't know this cause they are use to one way of doing things........ Apple's way. For those that enjoy the limits of their iPhone and disagree with Jerry, don't comment here without a solution his complaints are legitimate in my opinion.
I am an avid android user. I love it. I will say, however, if you don't root an android, you will get crap software. You Have to root them if you want a stable os. The iPhone is stable stock. I have friends with iPhones and they never complain about them. I enjoy tweaking my phone and seeing how far I can push it. This is not for everyone. In the end, IT'S JUST A PHONE! When you die, you can't take it with you.
1, 2 and 4 are blatant bullshit the rest are just opinion. I use both droid and iOS (and BB and WP7) all day everyday and iOS and droid are as good as each other for every fail on iOS there is an equal fail on droid. Also don't forget droid is only as good as iOS if your OS is upto date unfortunatly only about 1 percent of droid devices are. I therefore have to support devices as far back as 1.6.
Got one at work 4S with iOS6! It's a good phone but it's not that smart... I saw a iPhone 5 yesterday and i was blown away when I found out that you now can have five rows of icons! F I V E! ^o^
+Jay-Ar Pinero Jay that is the furthest thing from the truth. Every Google service that exist is better on android than the iPhone. Trust me
+Jerry Hildenbrand I tried researching around, seeing as I don't have an iphone, just the ipad i cant look into it physically, every little forum ive searched through seems to state that the settings are preset by the original carrier, as far as integration into safari, IOS applications are Sand-boxed unless specific permissions are assigned by the developer, I feel ya with the apple thing, i hate IOS and Apple all around but a small part of me says give em a try and dont be so closed minded
I used to have a 4s and now I am using a galaxy S3, the only thing I miss from the 4s is the smoothness of the apps, some of them like Facebook, they just behave better on ios! My next phone will be nexus 4,I love vanilla android. 
Why on Earth did you need to change the APN to send MMS? In my experience it just ... you know... sends them. If you do get stuck for some reason just go to

Yeah the keyboard is a little narrow, guess I'm just used to it. In my experience I cannot type on Android without wanting to throw it across a room. Tap, tap hard, wait, registers a key-press, tap, tap hard, wait, registers a key-press. F that, at least Swype is available though! Makes typing on the Nexus 7 a little more bearable.
Apple is a greedy company; they'll let you get their phones free so that you get tangled in apps and other things that make money for them.  They used to make better quality products but they stopped to increase their profit.  Android is better in every way except maybe the touch screen.  Apple has very nice touch screens.  But that's just my opinion.
hmm i got a nexus 4 and love it! ...but not that happy with the camera on the nexus compared to my previous HTC sensation  XL....but i love my ipad too....and i just picked up a macbook pro and i wont be going back to a PC anytime soon.
But "it just works"
Common notion.....My ass haha
I tired to use an iPhone for a quick call and that was the most confusing ten minutes of my life!
Hmm, So the news at Cydia was right, iOS 6 is a shit, Lucky me i'm still at iOS 5, And i'm not going to update anymore
+Nasario Tolabing droid razr maxx. Nuf said.

+Damien Champion yup, you look lik someone concerned with haters.

+James Lin back then. Unless you have used a nexus device, its hard to compare the 2.

Ios is stagnant. Android continues to get better.
People u are all wrong iPhones are good all those other devices are crap and too cheap !!!!!!!! I mean really too cheap . There is nothing wrong with iPhones . Apple rocks!!!!!!! All those other things are crap and cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It really is that bad. I was using bbos5 before my phone broke an had to use iphone 4. I can't really multitask and I can't paste into my dialer once I am in a call. If feels like I am using a feature phone with fancy apps. Nothing integrates correctly. I have never wanted to throw a phone before this. 
So how do you change the apn
I was able to change it back on the 3g
Maybe is a carrier locking feature?
+Jerry Hildenbrand maybe go to an apple store ask and share ;-) 
...when the i-device meets the reality, the effect of reality distortion field simply does not work anymore.  
I knew this post would make it to What's Hot!
All the who hates iPhone is just because its asking money for good apps, tunes creating monopoly for its own. If iPhone gives everything on free of coast the I think each person will like it. 
I've owned 7 Android devices and 3 iOS devices. The same thing always happens to me, I love my new iOS device and use it like crazy for about 2 weeks. Then every time I pick it up, I swipe through home screens bored, check fb, look for app updates and put it down. I then pick up my Android device and read news, surf the Web and do other stuff. iOS just isn't very good at doing anything. Try uploading a file to Dropbox, saving anything to Pocket, opening a Web page in anything but Safari... Etc. It's an exercise in frustration. The OS is so cluttered, so poorly designed and so complicated it makes me mad to use it. I use iOS for music and some games that aren't on Android and that's it. 
Also thank you for saying what anyone who has tried to use iOS for anything useful has discovered

Every one knows that apple will win. Android is copying the whole idea of a smartphone . No one cares about android

Love my Swype. Love my Atrix HD. Love the fact that I will never own another Apple product ever again! Been iFree for 5 years now and haven't looked back!
+Piero Lecca ever use a nexus device? Oct of 2011 was a long time ago bro. Thats like me comparing a 3gs to a brand new nexus 4: totally unfair.

Though i will admit, most ios users like to take pics of themselves in the same fashion you have so perhaps its best you stay with apple and the stereotype that goes with it.
Great Post +Jerry Hildenbrand!!! Finally, I see some real Android love from the AC crew. It seems like Phil is about to jump ship pretty soon. And Im not saying that just because of his gmail post...
Anyway, Here's my 2 cents. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze which is similar to the Galaxy S2. and, even though, it is not a high-end device, it has been very good. I can do google hangouts with no problems; I have probably only experienced one reboot, rarely force closes apps, it has probably frozen once or twice in one year. And I use it ALOT. As for the iPhone, I have nothing to say. Some people like it, I tried it, and it just wasn't for me.
LoL. All tablets on android are pretty unusable. 
+Reagan Silvey what? What are you even talking about? If you cant tell the difference between ios6 and a nexus phone running jellybean, then im intrigued on how you even posted this.

When i say jellybean, you probably have no clue what im talking about do you?
I don't have any of these problems. The keyboard is better than what I had on my android. I haven't had nearly as many autocorrect problems as I did with android. The app issues I have are due to developers and not iOS.

For me the iPhone is better. I like having a device I can actually back up to my computer. When my android was stolen, I lost EVERYTHING.
I love my iPhone 4s wish it was a little bit bigger maybe other then that I'm satisfy 
I cannot believe that some people do not know how to use an iPhone, they're usually the same people who claim that the iPhone is "to simple and basic". Btw this post is just apple bashing, the only reason you are doing this is because this is G+ and everyone loves to bash Apple.
I had owned iPhone 4 previously and about a year switched over to android with the gs2 and I'm never going back to another iPhone EVER!!! 
+Max Tweddell right its completely impossible that this guy that works for an Android website just happened to use an iPhone and tell us what he found annoying about it.
I don't mind paying for an app. Hell, I pay often when I don't need to, just to support devs. However, the size/keyboard thing gets me with the iPhone. APN issues if you are unlocked and switch between SIM cards is also a real issue. I don't care so much for the nanny-state walled-garden monopoly of the iTunes App Store, but it is the price you have to pay to play the iOS game.
For phones, I think I will be on Android for some time to come. Tablets, I can go either way, but am more invested in Android as a platform.
+Damien Champion see? I knew your inner douchebage would come out! +J Parker Adair my nexus backs everything up for me. Google practically IS the cloud.

Saying you like iphone because you can back it up to a computer isnt an advantage when android devices can do the same.