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Next idiot who sends me some crazy conspiracy theory about Google and the Nexus 4 launch gets signed up for
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Lol! Y'all get some crazy ass people contacting you!
What conspiracy? Did Google create Hurricane Sandy..... lol
Christianmingle? Humm...
Amishmingle? Humm....
Over 7000 new members every month. It's your time to act. 
SO your punishment is going to be setting people up with Single Virgins?
7,000 virgins, bless their heart. I have many Christian friends, they can be a hoot!
Google is building... God.
No conspiracy, just a major company who is apparently utterly incapable of shipping a physical product in a reasonable fashion.
+Ben Baggley what I'm saying is the speeds people are getting on the Nexus 4 rival so-called LTE phones. - so, why such hype and discredit for the nexus 4 not having LTE 
+Jim Moore you make sense. Whether or not anyone agrees, you make a claim that doesn't involve fraud  racketeering, or aliens. Just bad management.
Agreed, Google have proven time and again they are terrible at hardware distribution.
Google has no reason to willfully not ship devices to paying customers.  They're just incompetent folks in this regard.  I ordered an N7 on launch day, just got it today and it has a 1" long scratch in the screen.  Is Google conspiring against me to have me waste my time???
+Chris Jackson yeah its kinda the same point I'm making, LTE isn't really a big deal yet, the fact that HSPA+ can even keep up with it is proof enough that its not "4G" yet anyway, we're only just reaching to top end of what 3G can do
+Ben Baggley LTE itself isn't a big deal, but it is a big deal to those of us who can't use a carrier other than Verizon, immediately DOA-ing the Nexus 4 for us.
+Tony Allen go get a straight talk phone from Walmart and see if it does or doesn't work
+Ben Swann I don't need to get a Straight Talk phone to know that AT&T and T-Mobile are both wretched carriers to have around here due to shoddy coverage.
yeah, i thought the same thing too
I work with someone who has AT&T and he's quite unhappy and I have a T-Mobile Nexus S that's also EDGE for days. I believe I'll pass.
Hey Jerry, I've got a question about the Nexus 10. I've got a dual band (2.4 & 5 GHz) wireless router set up and I believe it had dual-band MIMO antennae, well I know it does I can see my 5 GHz network. Is there a way it can be connected to both and choose which ever frequency is faster? Something tells me no, so I should probably just use it on the 5 GHz since my laptop only has 2.4 and most other laptops would be as well. Thanks, and long live Nexus.
This made me laugh very hard. So hard, in fact, that my adult beverage went sailing from my mouth onto the bar. Bravo. 
I've been meaning to find some new friends anyway.

Heeey  Jesus Ladies!
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