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Are you an Android application developer?

I'm looking to talk to a couple app devs who have used the Android guidelines to make apps that scale for different sized screens and/or have multiple layouts for device types.

If this sounds like you, and you have time to answer a question or two (and get your app featured as "doing it right" on a very popular Android blog), email me please :)

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Jerry, you should get in touch with +Gina Trapani
She is a co-host on This Week in Google and is an android developer. I have heard her discuss the nuances of programming for Android screen sizes. She is pretty darn brilliant and I bet very willing to help.
+Jerry Hildenbrand there are several ways to do this... and it depends entirely on what type of app... for instance if it were a webview you could essentially do it in CSS on the site, or do it simply with code by doing something to the effect of this :
      WebView mWebView = (WebView) findViewById( ;

and then if you add something like this:


to your XML your app will be accessible on the lockscreen 
hi jerry.
i've sent you an email ... hopefully it won't get lost in your spam filter 8)
Thanks everyone who responded. I've got more than enough for now :)
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