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An iPad is not a computer.
Just. Fucking. Stop.

Edit: For the folks wondering wtf I'm talking about:
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+Kevin O'Quinn it's ridiculous. It runs a mobile OS. You can't classify it with the iMac or MacBooks.

I get tired of people that will say anything and stretch things to the level of stupid to say "MY SHIT IS THE BEST SHIT!"
Im curious as to why you feel this is the case
Let it all out Jerry. 
+Elias Lugo because last week, when it was important to note how much market share the iPad holds over the rest of the tablet market, the iPad was a tablet.

Today it's suddenly a computer when it gives Apple 20% of the the PC market. 

The game of moving the goalposts so the cheerleading can happen gets old.
I would barely call it a tablet. It is a Rectangular Prison with Rounded Corners
So does this mean my desktop and 22 inch monitor can be classified as  "mobile device" if I can somehow strap it all to my body (along with some sort of battery pack or generator to power it all? It follows the same logic!
+Keith Myers I won't go that far. It's a tablet "device". A very, very good one. 

It's not for me, but I don't count for much in the grand scheme of things.
My Transformer Pad runs Arch Linux, does it count as a computer?
Not desktop Linux though... Though, you have a really nice coffee maker if it actually needs to run Linux.
+Keith Myers Hahaha !

+Jerry Hildenbrand I believe that tablets are computers. Even cell phones and calculators are computers. Certainly, Tablets are not PCs (And yes, Macs are PCs), but they are a form of computer, nonetheless.

I do understand why you would be upset though. Conveniently changing the semantics of a word just for the benefit of your agenda is bullshit
If Jerry's coffee maker can't be counted because doesn't run "desktop Linux", can the iPad as it doesn't run "desktop Unix"? #philosoraptor
Also, why would my tablet with a keyboard attached running Arch Linux be classified any different than my laptop, which is a screen with a keyboard attached running Arch Linux? I think the argument for computer vs. not computer is more software based, not hardware based. If my Transformer Pad only had Android I'd probably not classify it really as a computer, but with the same functionality as a computer with Arch Linux, I think it could be classified as a computer.
Does it compute? Yes. It's a computer, just like my rooted P3113. It doesn't belong in the same category as PCs and Macs, though.
Did the report include Surface, Chromebook, Android Tablets in the total to figure out that 20%?  Or did it exclude those and just include the iPad.

As bad as inaccuracy, inconsistency is worse.
Say it ain't so, say it ain't so :_(
Hahaha hahaha haha' ha :/ we're all used to Apple rebranding stuff and making a doodah about it, this is just another
I wouldn't say that, I'm just saying there's some grey areas, that haven't been formally defined, and that the iPad shouldn't be in that category.
Tim R
Its quite simple +Jerry Hildenbrand . Apple knows the days of the Mac sre numbered and is trying to convince everyone that they are merely evolving their business so they can save face when they are forced to discontinue the Mac line. 
These "Journalist" and many bloggers (And the news media in general) get away with this shit because we let them. We read the propaganda because that's what we want to read and\or hear. When we smell bullshit, we yell and scream everywhere but at them. Put these motherfuckers on blast. Call them out on it. Give us a link
Its a tablet computer. As opposed to desktop computer. Accept the new reality. 
Nobody uses their computers other than to get online anyway, so you might as well call tablets computers
Tim R
Its "The Pattented Apple Reality Distortion Field" 
Can I call my Nexus 7 a pc then ;-) 
Can we also stop calling programs on mobile devices "apps. It isn't an "app", it is a program. A smaller footprint of a program, but its still a program. 
Of course it is a computer. It has a multicore processor, sizeable RAM and storage and runs compiled C code. It is as much a computer as anything else. However, its sales should only be counted among other tablet devices.
+Kendall Cabrera an app us just short for an application depending who you talk to apps and programs are the same thing like app developers and programmers or even software engineers 
I guess the differentiators there should be creation and consumption. Can you dock a keyboard and type out a document on a tablet? Sure. Mouse? Sure. Know what that makes it? A laptop without an efficient form factor and a bunch of cables all over the place. You "can" create things on a tablet. People don't really choose to that often because there are better tools for the job.

The other thing is you still need a desktop/laptop to manage said iPad. It can't stand alone as a computing device if you expect to manage media or update the software. You also can't write software for an iPad on an iPad (or write software for android on an android though an ide is in the works but is a way off). So without those capabilities I don't think you can call an iPad anything other than what it is: a mobile os and a supplementary device to a more powerful device that is the workstation when they have to create something or that stitches their peripheral devices together
+Fernando De Leon I know this, which is why I think its stupid to call them apps. As the post suggested. Marketing programs as apps is as bad as marketing the iPad as a laptop replacement or any desktop computational machine running OSX as a Mac and not a PC, which it most certainly is; a Personal Computer. 
My tablet has almost replaced my laptop so yes, tablets are computers. I can be (almost) as productive on my tablet as I am on a tablet. What defines what a computer is? What prerequisites must it have to be called a computer? Computers come in many shapes and sizes. Not everyone uses computers for the same reason.

Just because your usage differs from someone else's doesn't mean their device is not a computer. A computer isn't defined by what OS it's running. It's defined by its use case and if it is able to accomplish its tasks. Some computers are less powerful or less capable, but that in no ways makes them not a computer.
Call me when I can load a $5000+ CAD/CAM package on it without any other system to side load it. And then run it.
Until then, it may be a "computer" like my Nexus devices, but it ain't a Computer like my workstation.
Hell, they really only sell appliances. 
+Iain Baker true but really better for importing existing projects and continuing on the go more than starting from scratch. Not to mention the lack of particularly good programs for other aspects like image resources etc. Can and want to are separate entities. I can type documents up on a phone but I don't have a desire to without a physical keyboard.
+Jerry Hildenbrand this is why the Android Central community love you =) out spoken with good reasons
It may not be a computer, but it's a bad ass should see all the photo pros near my local parks and starbucks.
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