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You know the best way to fix an issue where too many requests are trashing a website?

Concoct schemes that make even more requests, and hope what you're seeing is actually real. Just sayin.
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I know several people (myself included) that the "mash enter key" approach worked to order devices today...
Ima go out on a limb here.. why is it that the order page is going down, yet faaaaarrrrrrrr more people are using Google's homepage to search and that never goes down..just sayin
+Todd Foster it has to do with how many people are hitting the server simultaneously. Because people are mashing refresh, it's very high and sudden load on their servers. There are physical limits to how much abuse a server can deal with at any given time.

Also, it's possible that they don't have that part of the play store balanced across as many servers as the Google homepage, which could also be problematic.
+Bill Stebbins that's what lots of folks who used trickery said last time, too. Plenty of them are still waiting to be charged and get shipping info.

I wouldn't trust anything that I saw after ignoring page errors and clicking until it said what I wanted it to say. Those yellow error messages came from Google Wallet request errors.
I was nailing the enter key repeatedly until it let me order too and I finally got one after trying for about 2 hours 
i finally got mine after 0:45 :)
mostly now i'm happy because i get to complain about how long it'll take them to ship.
Finally after wishing, praying, and of course smashing the F5 key about 50 times.....a shiny new nexus 4 is mine!!!!!
How fast do you think Google can manufacture the N4?
It's just a phone...not the meaning of life...42!
And by Google I mean LG
Probably exactly as fast as it manufs. the Optimus G.
Is that good or bad? How do most manufacturers compare to the production rate of Apple's iPhone? +Phil Nickinson 
Absolutely no idea. But I don't think anyone hits Apple's scale. Samsung would be next.
Guess I'll just have to sit tight... good thing I've got the N10 to keep me busy
+Jim Weaver would a Nexus 42 be a 42" Nexus-branded Google TV?  If so, I'm in!
They should sell the Nexus line in Amazon.. Amazon did an amazing job in Black Friday.. 
I see the ship times are starting to be stretched pretty far out what did you guys get for a time? I got the 1-2 week notification. Surprised to see 8GB is 7-8 weeks now! 
Those who buy the 8GB model must not have music, photos, videos or any other data on their phone... that's barely enough room for apps
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