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I love living here.
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Bunker Hill, WV. We had no portals last time I checked. Now we have 6, but getting to one of them will get you shot for trespassing lol.
But....where are the zombies?
Wait, so you can sit in the strip club and hack nearby portal every 5 minutes?

Heaven does exist... 
Where is my MF invite! I signed up the first day! Always have to be patient with the Google I guess. Usually pays off.
Yeah still waiting on my invite as well. Can't wait to try this out on my Samsung Galaxy nexus.
I love playing this game. Thought we might have a portal in a gentlemen's club but no....

Have one at center field in a ballpark I'm desperate to get, though
OK I am lost. What are these invites we are seeking? I work to much and must be out of the loop. I did search "Google portals" to no avail. Whatever it is I want/need to sign up
Ah, I thought Ingress was the region of BFE Jerry lived in. Thank you!
Strange app, but the reviews all seem to say people got their invites. It's on Play called "Ingress Invites (unofficial)"
There's no chances for a field near any of the places I live. Literally, all the portals are near libraries.
+David R. Smith submit ideas....I live in the boonies so I've been taking as many pictures and submitting as I can....the more we get before this goes open, the more fun it'll be 
So.... there's no zombies, then? 
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