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Enlightened is in your post office, busting up your portals.
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The weekend is surely when ingress anxiety hits its peak
Jelly Bean for E4GT is officially built! OTA coming soon!
When you sign up do you pick your faction or is it assigned? 
+Patrick Corrigan No worries. Same here. It's been rather torrential with the rain here as of late, so I'm gonna start my attacks right after lunch. Gonna try to get some L2 XMPs to take out a well-connected Resistance hub. It's too bad those investigation codes don't last as long as they used to. 
I am leaning Enlightened but i am surrounded by Resistance in Northeast Indiana...I hope that Niantic sends me my invite soon
I've submitted artwork until i am blue in the face. I want to fight for Enlightenment.
I got my invite and joined the Enlightened.  I think I am out numbered in the Twin Cities area.
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