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Something happened. I had 715 "albums" in Google Play Music that had no cover art. Suddenly today, All have it except for a Beatles album, a Tom Petty album, and a Roxy Music album.
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It's because I tried (and failed) to update the missing/wrong cover art on some of my albums. That must have fixed it for you. You're welcome.
yeah i guess they are SLOWLY rolling it out to current users.
I want it so bad, so I can re-download all my music, sounding better than when I got it and all organized with album art. lol
I'm just scrolling up and down looking at all the pretty pictures now lol
It wouldn't surprise me if my cover art was locked until I get the update. When I try to change it the art just stays the same with no error message. Glad I waited this long, I'd be a bit annoyed if I did it manually only to have Google do it for me a few days later.
So did they ever fix the clean version/explicit version issue sheer you'd stream the clean version even if you have the explicit version of an album??
Just checked the first two words of the first track of my favorite nwa album.... Yep it's explicit
Yet... I still can't upload a pic to an album they can't match! 
Ummm, wow... I thought it was just me. I was trying to fix all of my album art and it would not let me...
Would have been nice to know why.
Steve, delete the album, retag it and reupload it. Worked for me.
Its ridiculous that the desktop app doesn't detect changes in album tags and upload those changes
+Patrick Ballenger up until like a week or two ago I've been able to change the cover art from the website with no probs. I have albums I just uploaded today which weren't there previously...stuff like "Mixtapes" that there won't be a match for. Albums that they "Match" will show the cover with no probs it seems...but if it's wrong you can forget about changing it for now, lol!
+Steve Solomon I deleted and re-uploaded all 500+ albums in my collection so I could get the genres down to 7 or 8 and fix the album art as much as possible. Same as you, some of my mixtapes weren't having that on the website. It would be so much easier to just make the little changes I want on the desktop and have them reflect in the cloud 
I wonder if this update will automatically fix my genre categories. I hope so!
I have had the same (wrong) cover art for about 60 albums since first uploading my music.

And I mean the same (one) for at least 60
Anyone have really crappy res on the album art? I uploaded my...And Justice for All album that I ripped and while it displays the correct cover art it's really blurry. 
+Shon G. That issue alone is enough to keep me from committing to the service. I've got nothing but high-res artwork, and it looks nasty on Google Play. And if they screw up my meticulously maintained album art, I'm moving everything I've uploaded so far to Amazon.
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