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dat score.

Maybe I play this game too much. 
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wow i was impressed by my 72,000,000
You really are a despicable person. Since you first talked about this game a few weeks ago I feel like I have lost too many hours to it. So how much time have you sunk into it? 
Well I need to up my game, you beat my highscore by 50% and that was entirely a fluke. 
Damn you..:) Now I got addicted to the game..:)
What you think your bauws or something now?
WOW.  i am nowhere near there!
I can't even break 100 mil, yet
I play this game sometimes on my GNex and it's pretty damn hard. 
I hate you Jerry, you may have ruined my life. 
Impressive score, +Jerry Hildenbrand
Nice boost selection. My high score is in the 20 billion range. I have spent my fair share of time swiping like mad on my Nexus 7.
Ha, not even close. The pink blocks are your friend. 
OMG! This game is crazy! I can't stop laughing long enough to score well!
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