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After just a few hours, I can say that the 3x2 aspect ratio for the Internet is a win. #chromebookpixel  
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Worth the price point or still going with overpriced?
I am so jealous of you and your money. That thing looks beautiful. 
I'd want to use it to form a personal opinion of it but I can see how it would be a good ratio for web surfing.
Taller screen. That's how
Is it truly better than using a smaller browser window on a high resolution notebook?  
You won't find a higher resolution notebook
16 by 9 aspect ratio is great on smaller tablets not so much for me on the bigger tablets. That's the problem I don't want to hold a 10 inch surfboard vertically
Oh, no, I'm not suggesting a higher resolution screen.  I am just asking if there is really any advantage to what +Jerry Hildenbrand is experiencing on the Pixel versus a retina Macbook or another notebook that offers something similar when using the browser set to a similar ratio.  
Don't tease Jerry. Many, self included, can't take it. Let us have it all. Will it be a one off product just because Google can or is this the direction things are gonna be taking?
Have you hacked a Linux distro onto it yet?
+Jason Miller Yes. no side scrolling, and less vertical scrolling is a giant win. I'll not be buying another 16:9 laptop after using this.
+Kevin O'Quinn or that other manufacturers could take a clue from this and make a screen that works better for Internet browsing.

I'm not 100% convinced anyone needs a Pixel yet.
And a stupid noobe question to all; what's the advantage of a Chromebook over a powerful Android tablet running Chrome? (One with a keyboard like the Transformer Infinity)
+Doug DuCoté  I do not always use the full width of my screen for the browser, so I can have a small chat window, news, or whatever else next to it on screen.  Thus, what I'm seeing in the browser window would be similar, though just not as much at the same level of clarity, as what is seen on the Pixel.  I'm sure that's apparent to everyone though.  I was going to assume that doing the same on a retina version of this Macbook (mine is older...2011) would be quite similar to the Pixel.  Once again though using less of the screen.  

On the iMac I never use the full screen for anything other than video.  It is just too big for that to be comfortable.  
Milty C
Good question +Komeil Karimi  I have a tablet + keyboard and was thinking the same thing.
+Milty C as +Kevin O'Quinn pointed out I guess the question [for me] comes down to whether one can somehow run desktop chrome extensions on the Chrome for Android
Well, the difference is that an Android tablet runs Android and the best Chrome browser it can run is pretty pitiful.  It is not like the Chrome browser you use on OSX or Windows.  A Chromebook is running Chrome as well as it can, however, and is much more capable for that reason.  

Basically, browsing on Android is like racing in a minvan, whereas browsing on a Chromebook is like racing in a Camaro SS.  It isn't the best outside of the straight line set out for it but it sure as heck goes like stink for what it does.  
I really dislike you. +Jerry Hildenbrand, you get the best stuff. 
Chromebook to Chrome OS, Chrome OS to Chrome browser, Chrome browser to Android, Android to minivans... So sorry +Jerry Hildenbrand , you can have your thread back now
I can't believe you got it already, didn't you just order it a couple days ago?
Man I would love to get my hands on a chromebook pixel and dual boot some Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on there.
Damn, I wish I could afford one right now.

The overall "Its just an internet browser" mentality I see made in most forum/review comments is soooo wrong, and made by people who haven't used one.

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