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Thinking abut buying another Nexus 4 charging orb to tear apart for a project.

Debating whether that project should be an in-dash unit for the car, or the charging circuitry embedded into a model Millennium Falcon.
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If you can somehow make the magnetic hold stronger, I say go for the car dash concept.

Hell, I might even buy one off of you.
The car. I was dreaming of mount points earlier
I think the grip probably is OK for the car. But the angle is bad. And whereas the touchstone worked as a car mount, the size difference become pretty apparent. 
+Phil Nickinson The grip may be OK in you neck of the woods where pavement is the norm... but there are many dirt roads that give any standard mount a run for the money around here. 
The stick, eh? No need to mount since you barely have cellular service.
+Jerry Hildenbrand I was thinking the same thing, but I was also thinking of an NFC tag to toggle the Bluetooth connection on and off.
+Ben Swann We even have the LTE 4G's but the rain rutts will vibrate the phone out of most standard mounts! Even the mount I bought at the AC Store sometimes dislodges my phone on a good dirt road run. 
+Phil Nickinson do you think the orb can handle a speed bump without flying off?
Can't even buy it in Canada....... :(
as for angles and mounting, the plan would be to remove the coil and any circuitry inside the orb and keeping the Nexus faceplate. Then see what could be done to insert everything inside the dash and cap it off with the Nexus logo plate.

Or maybe the center console.I gots to carry a few beers out to the driveway and contemplate a bit.
I have the wireless charger and put the back page of my quick start guide over the wireless charging station and my phone slide of the other side of the page. Is there anything official that says the wireless charging station has any type of magnet? I saw your comment about having less to do with magnets +Phil Nickinson but I also keep reading people say they wished the magnets were stronger. What if there are no magnets? By the way, In my anecdotal test the page facing the wireless charger stuck to the inner ring and I don't think it's because the page is magnetic. 
With as little driving as you say you do, unless you find yourself needing to charge in the car with your usage patterns, I'd go for the bad-ass Falcon mod instead.
OR, build a body kit for your car that looks like the Falcon and just charge it with a damn USB cable, because who cares? You've got a spaceship.
Weren't you going to put one on your bedside table? I thought I heard that in a podcast

I used the LG Qi charger with the green stuff from a Clingo dock. I placed the LG into a standard car dock and it worked like a charm.

Not as ambitious as yours, but I'm not cutting a hole in my dash. ..
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