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webOS is open source, I am sure xda will port it over.  However, webOS has few apps, so it isn't a great OS.
Whether or not developers port WebOS ... Its the principle. Its a slap to the face. Both for Android and WebOS fans.
HP is to  rot in hell.  A very deep an awful hell.  
This hardware isn't fit for anything. Not even webOS.
As much as we can hate, they are going the right direction...adopting Android. WebOS doesn't stand a chance in this mobile battle. Not even against BB, I would think.
Alex M
Have you heard their new slogan?

"HP slate. We had it two years in the vault. Now it's too late. "
+Elias Lugo Tell that to Ubuntu and Mozilla. This POS from HP is soo bad it might just force them to make a Real WebOS tablet. Stranger things have happened.
HP makes WebOS loads of comment about how they should have went with Android...

They make an Android tablet, now they should have stayed with WebOS...

Hah! People. 
+James Pakele What it shows is that HP can't make a tablet to save their Souls. This is what exactly people who were fans of WebOS was afraid of. Now we see it wasn't the OS at all this is all on HP.
+Robert Wilke based on a single, unreleased, device, we can determine this... That's pretty laughable... 
WebOS/Palm were just too choked off and restrictive and the deathblow was that the OS was gimped by crappy hardware to demonstrate the platform appreciably. I love Android, but I loved WebOS and PalmOS too. The OS particularly in the UI was brilliant. Of course Google obviously felt the same with the hiring of +Matias Duarte and a lot of the WebOS team. 
+James Pakele Actually yes we can. When HP bought Palm the worry was that they were going to have it on lousy hardware. They didn't get a chance to since the Pre3 and Touchpad were designs from Palm not HP. With this pathetic offering from an HP designed Tablet now all our worst fears are confirmed.
It's real simple here HP bring your A game or just go home. This is even worthy of Pantech.
+Robert Wilke in which they fire sold the crappy hardware, which people proceeded to buy the living shit out of, loaded Android on and were happy with, and many are still using...

Oh that crappy thing...

Mind you the additional $30 for a Nexus is the better deal at the moment, but still... It's their first step back in the water and their brand is still much more notable to the masses.... 
+James Pakele when did I say the touchpad was crappy hardware? If I could have been able to get it at that price. I would have been quite happy to boot CM10 on it. Again that was a Palm design, HP was just the OEM cause of them buying them.

Now we see what HP would make by themselves. Nothing great as usual.
+James Pakele sorry I misunderstood. The Fire did sell but you have Amazon backing it at a loss with a compelling OS tailored for selling their product.

Now here comes HP with a product that is half backed and will be forgotten by them within 3 months if not weeks.
+Robert Wilke "What it shows is that HP can't make a tablet to save their souls"

"it wasn't the OS at all"

Tablet is two things, software and hardware... If it wasn't the software, you must have been referring to the hardware... 
And no, you understood me right the first time... 
Tim R
I'm sure its only a matter of time before someone hacks Open WebOS onto it. 
yeah, no doubt... if the people want it, especially if it's open, it will happen... 
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