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Got the confirmation email.
Whew lol.
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Got mine as well.  I did pretty much the exact same small smile and head nod.
So did I.  It took three times.
You Sir...have made my day with that GIF.  
It sucks. I was there and a few times i was able to get it in my cart, but i couldn't get it... Since before 11am.. Hopefully they will have more coming soon..
Loving the gif! And congrats to all the lucky folks who got a N4 this morning/afternoon.
That was quite the rollercoaster.
Keep checking the play store. I was refreshing on my Gnex and the 8GB suddenly showed up. I did the entire transaction via chrome on phone.
You don't have to rub it in to those of us that couldn't get one. Haha! I wanted to try yo have mine in time for this week's podcast 
I would like to be mad at you, but I can't, we love you Jerry, enjoy!!
Still waiting on the mine. Google Wallet and bank account both show a transaction on my account. I would feel a lot better getting an email though 
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