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i feel so bad seeing this..
coz i failed to got myself one (the 16Gb)
Just got my confirmation email as well. Hoping to have it by Friday since it usually ships from Kentucky.
Damn u Americans. U get it cheaper and ultimately probably sooner! 
SO JEALOUS! Congrats though.
Mine here in the UK is still pending ;_; ... no fair.
Its T-Mobile time for me.
I hate you.  Mine hasn't shipped yet.
Gino B.
WTF is mine still pending? I ordered it almost 48 hours ago. Damn it! 
Hell mine says pending and I ordered it at 11:46am EST ON Tuesday.
My N73G still says Shipping on the 15th...I hope they do Saturday delivery?
Sweet, just checked and got mine too. 
+Ben Murphy I ordered my at 11:32 EST on Tuesday and mine still says pending as well.
i still have no shipping email on my 16gb and I ordered at 11:52 CT
So jealous. I hope my order page updates sometime today. 
My page says it will ship today.  No tracking number yet :-/
no shipping on mine yet 16gb with bumper. has anyone gotten shipping confirmation yet that also purchased a bumper?
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