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Not soon enough.
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+Jerry Hildenbrand+Russell Holly​ if you find the setting to check data usage on the Shield TV, let me know. I've been hitting my ISP cap ever since I bought it.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Late night chicken is best chicken.
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Wife is  now addicted to marinated chicken wings on the grill. Much better than frying. 
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Saved forever now.
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+Andrew Martonik​ stop telling him that, I have to live with him. 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Been looking at this for 20 minutes after installing a bios update to fix some USB keyboard issue.

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Wait I thought crapple never had any problems? 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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+Teresa Hildenbrand please stop buying things from Amazon. 

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+Thomas Kara​ please contact me via email.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Artist Fernando Sosa has found a novel way to protest at Donald Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants: he’s turned the Republican presidential candidate into a butt plug.

Sosa used 3D printing technology to create the decidedly-unofficial merchandise, which he isselling from his store on the Shapeways website for £21.34. The plug is made from full-colour sandstone, promising “a coarse finish and a delicate feel”.

‘When I heard Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans and latinos from South America I was extremely angry’ explains Fernando Sosa
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They know what they can do with this 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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This was fun, and I learned a lot from +Dr Joe Cohen .
This is a must-listen for you nerd parents out there! We're shaking things up a bit this week as Russell and Jerry continue the discussion about virtual reality, bringing in "techie pediatrician" Dr. Joe Cohen of Austin, Texas, to help answer some burning questions about VR and our children. Is it safe? How much is too much? And what's the right age to let a child try VR? You can hit...
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Great show!
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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I learned a lot about a great new Chromebook.

But I also learned that +Andrew Martonik has an end table that's cool as shit.
This isn't the Chromebook for everyone, but it offers enough to be a compelling option for those who need ultimate portability. The quick take The Chromebook Flip is pushing the envelope of what we consider a "standard" Chromebook, with extreme portability, good components and the option to convert into a pseudo-tablet. At 10.1 inches and less than two pounds it's easily the smallest...
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What's with Asus and their huge bezels 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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The Asahi Kasei AK4375 DAC and NXP TFA9897 amp package in the Alcatel Idol 3 is amazeballs. it sounds so good, it made me look up exactly what hardware is inside.

Phone nerd shit aside, it's as good as a Filo or a new Walkman with the right headphones and player software. I'm using Sony MDR-7506s and Poweramp if anyone is gonna ask.
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+Luis Folgado Ferreira I probably won't see one in Australia for some time but I'll definitely try to hunt one down and give it a go when (if) they finally arrived here.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Googley eye all the things.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Update really did make the Idol 3 camera a little better.

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+Jerry Hildenbrand you seem pretty high on this phone and I'm considering it for a backup phone / exercise mp3 player.  For $250 is there anything better in your opinion?  I had also considered grabbing LG's G2 unlocked for about the same - thoughts?  Thanks,
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Check out this video #liveonNestCam via Nest
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Make the turtle come out and play!
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Nice and quiet. Really dead on the weekends.
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My local package store.
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20 reviews
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Nice selection of spirits, at competitive prices.
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