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Another from the garden center tonight that wouldn't upload for some reason. I <3 flowers and warm weather.
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What's with the iPhone 5S pictures all of a sudden?
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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So I finally took that update my G2 has been nagging me about.

Yay beats music. Even if you buy them unlocked and pay cash, carrier phones suck. 
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This whole discussion is why people by iPhones or Windows Phone. 
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An M8 Google Play edition is up for grabs. Sweeet.

I hope there are so many entries that +Andrew Martonik loses his mind trying to sort through them. 
With more ways than ever to get the sharpest or smoothest shot possible, we're ready to see what you can do with your phone camera this week. With today's release of the Google Camera app, more than a few people are thinking about the great things that are possible with camera hardware and software in today's leading smartphones. You have more options than ever to take amazingly crisp...
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+Jerry Hildenbrand Did Ya See the Bobs Big Boy Blur I posted ? 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Blind poll time — who does defocus best?
New camera options bring a little extra to your pictures, but who does it the best? The new rage in smartphone cameras these days is selective focus. Think of a really nice portrait you've seen of a friend or family member, where they were in focus and there was a lovely background that was slightly out of focus. It really makes the subject "pop" and photographers — both professional...
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+Andy Long Yes.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Mandatory #nexus5  lens blur picture.
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Eric T

This trend is quickly becoming more annoying than #selfies
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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If you're in Winchester, you should try Thai Winchester or Chop Stick Cafe. I think they're both a little better than Sucilee's.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Spring. Finally. 
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Well a real camera is better +Masson Liang, but it certainly seems a very good phone camera!
+Bret Smith well done, I'm glad there are people out there capable of reading the photo details still. 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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The one where +Andrew Martonik is allowed to go outside :)
The only complaint you can make is that Google didn't release these features sooner. Google has dropped a pretty notable update to its stock camera app, given it a proper name and at the same time opened it up to non-Nexus devices running KitKat in the Play Store. While the interface still isn't mind-blowing, it has changed pretty dramatically from what you'd be used to if you used a...
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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This makes the Nexus 7 the most useful thing in my gear bag now. Even more useful than my e-cigs and the Valium.
Just a couple of weeks after a full-fledged Chrome Remote Desktop app entered closed beta testing it has been opened up for all to use through the Play Store. The completely free app will let your Android device — assuming it's running Android 4.0 or above — connect to and control any computer you have the Chrome Remote Desktop software installed on. The client is simple, but mimics...
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Since it will not share a Linux desktop and that is all I have I can't even test it.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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The best Google Glass accessory if you live in San Francisco.

Remember, an armed society is a polite society.
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Guns are for stupid people. Not surprised to see this here; 
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Nice and quiet. Really dead on the weekends.
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Nice selection of spirits, at competitive prices.
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My local package store.
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Spend 10 bucks on fresh fish at the grocers, or spend 11 and catch them yourself? No brainer.
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