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My new desktop wallpaper
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What did you use to make this?
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Fallen walker vs. Sword of Crota. 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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"Update only available via computer"

Goodbye Sony. Hello again, Moto X.
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Why oh why didn't Moto do what Apple did: X and X+…  Then we could have a 2015 phone fits Leonardo da Vinci's human hand, like their research told them... And why do Sony commit expensive suicide, when they could rule the roost if they released only pure android machines?
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Finally. Harder to get than the Nexus 6 was.

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Jerry I love my Z3C.. put the google now launcher on instead and it feels nice.  Dont like the sony setup for sw but the HW is amazing.

I am using the magnector x as the charging.  It has rhinoshield front and back and temporarily the rearth fusion case on it.

Any suggestions?
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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My very own Dinklebot
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I didnt know you play destiny +Jerry Hildenbrand 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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Going to be a long and awesome night. 
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Did you try +Dying Light​, Jerry? 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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I just realized that today (in the American way to write the date) is 


I'm off to the liquor store for party supplies.
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+Jerry Hildenbrand  Jump forward a few years to the 3rd or April 2021,
whats going to happen then!
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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I can't give up my PS2 because of the Namco Museum collection. So many awesome games.... Robotron, Joust, ... Toobin'! 
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+Jerry Hildenbrand​ "Can't Hide Love".... BEST. 
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Jerry Hildenbrand

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One step closer. Hurry and ship my Z3c so I don't have to fake it with YouTube.
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What Nyko product is that?
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That day when Lenovo has the first phone to be updated to lollipop. 
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+Nicholas Brickhouse Turn your WiFi on.  Your battery will quickly disappear.  That's a bug.
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Because someone asked about this, and I needed a break from writing:

Energy in watt-hours is equal to the electric charge in milliampere-hours times the voltage (in volts) divided by 1000:

If the nominal voltage is 5 (I can't see this on a data sheet anywhere, I'm looking)

Energy = 6700mAh × 5v / 1000 = 33.5Wh

The Nexus 9 would have a 33.5 Wh battery. Once someone has the actual voltage, plug it into the equation in place of the 5v number and recalculate.

Edit The iFixit teardown says the battery is 3.8V. So:

Energy = 6700mAh × 3.8V / 1000 = 25.46Wh
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+Jerry Hildenbrand The actual voltage of a Li-Ion battery varies with state of charge.  However, 3.8 or so is probably in the rough ballpark for a "typical average".

Most batteries are considered fully discharged at around 3.3-3.5 volts (I may be off by a little bit here, and to some degree this is a design decision), and they are fully charged at 4.2v for most Li-Ion batteries.

However, there is a new chemistry out there that has a maximum voltage of 4.35v instead of 4.2v.  Oppo's Find 5 was the first device I ever saw with this new chemistry.
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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations" - George Orwell
Just some dude with an affinity for things that go beep.
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Nice and quiet. Really dead on the weekends.
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Nice selection of spirits, at competitive prices.
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My local package store.
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Spend 10 bucks on fresh fish at the grocers, or spend 11 and catch them yourself? No brainer.
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