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Kind of interesting. I see a lot of these on a regular bases in the acute care setting. Seems to me that some of them are aimed at ambulatory care.

I have a serious question, but let me prefece it with the following.

I understand "the cloud". I'm not an idiot. I use OneDrive and Google Drive for document storage, as well as other services for photo and video backup.

However, as a consultant, I am always working on several projects, including documents, presentations, and so on. And, I travel quite a bit. My work takes up a fair amount of HD space. In addition, I use Evernote to collect research, which also takes up a fair amount of HD space. Throw in a measly 5GB of music, and there's no way I could get by with a 16GB HD; actually I couldn't get by with a 32GB HD either. I purchased a 128GB Surface Pro 4 and realized after several months that 128GB on a Windows 10 machine wouldn't cut it. Yes, yes, I realize that Windows 10 takes up a lot of HD drive space, but not 100GB of HD space.

I made an attempt to make the switch to a Chromebook. Love the concept and I spend most of my days inside the Chrome browser, so why not? Worked great at home. But, and here's where my question come in, I got completely derailed when I took my first cross-country flight and wanted to work on the plane.

Can someone - without acting like a sarcastic dick - explain the ultra-small HDs on Chromebooks? Besides price, what would be so bad about offering a 64GB, or even 128GB option?

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The new Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook looks really nice. Lots of good options. Odd that it's missing a TrackPoint, though. Would be a nice addition.

Cost will be an issue for many. Currently, the only way to get the 32GB of storage is to upgrade to an i5 processor, which will cost you an additional $350 (usually $450).

Anyone else having trouble removing people from circles? Everytime I try to do it Google+ locks up.

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There's a lot of good information on this week's Windows Weekly. The first 55 minutes if mostly fluff, and you'll have to put up with Paul's caustic personality at times, but still worth while if you have time. 

The changes coming to Windows 10 are exciting. As a person who likes to use Windows 10 tablets, I especially excited about the new Windows Ink functionality and integration. 

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Got a little somethin' from +The Goulet Pen Company​ today. Few ink samples. Been looking for a deep, bright blue. Thought I'd look at a few other colors while I was at it.

Private Reserve Electric DC Blue
Private Reserve Avocado
De Atramentis Frankincense (scented)
De Atramentis Elderberries (scented)
Diamine Wild Strawberry
Diamine Bilberry
Diamine Blue Velvet
Diamine Pumpkin
Private Reserve Buttercup


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Well done, HP. Well done. Love how they thought about the phone as a complete solution with dock and laptop accessory. 

It's unfortunate that Windows Phone has such a tiny portion of the market share. Even though this device is targeted directly at the Enterprise, it's likely that it'll die a slow, quiet death. Bummer. 

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One of the most exciting new machines I've seen in quite some time. Checks nearly all the boxes. If you're looking for an ultrabook that has it all, look no further than the X1 Yoga. 

The only negative would be the battery life. With that said, it's a trade off for everything else you get. Who would have ever thought that 6-7 hours of battery life would be considered meh? Crazy tech times we're living in. 

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Recently, my daughter - nanoengineering major at UCSD - told me that her 13-inch MacBook Pro no longer met her needs. She wanted a new computer that could "fold over into a tablet, but be a real laptop" when needed. She also wanted digital pen support to take notes in class.

Based on her requirements I narrowed it down to three machines. I then gave her the choice between the three. She decided to go with the HP x360 Spectre combined with a Dell Active Stylus. Works incredibly well.

I got her set up using Windows 10 with MS Office, specifically OneNote for her class notes. She's thrilled with the combination. She loves having a machine that gives her the ability to be a desktop tablet with touchscreen while in class, but being able to use it in laptop mode when writing papers, etc. She's also quite happy with her ability to take hand-written notes during class. She's taken to sending me screen shots. Which I love seeing.

Today I got an email from her that simply said, "For reals. This laptop is awesome." with the accompanying screenshot. Pretty cool.

This is what tablet PCs were designed to do, among many other things. It's shocking to me how few people understand the utility of such a machine.


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Lenovo really pulled out all the stops on the new ThinkPad X1 yoga. Little things like the door on the back for the microSD card slot, the little light over the fingerprint scanner so you can see it in the dark, addition of Wacom AES, and so on. Wow, what a beauty. Arguably the most complete "ultrabook" available. 
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