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There are films/TV shows made before the iPhone and those after it. Really stands out to tech folk.
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Jerry Daniels

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Behind every successful man, there's a shocked woman.
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Jerry Daniels

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Was 2013 the year we started to use the verb "surveil"?
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Jerry Daniels

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great graphic
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Jerry Daniels

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To clients who want you to do work for free:

"The wireless at homeless shelters is really shitty."
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Jerry Daniels

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MJ is doing God's work.
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Pork chops n bacon? Ooo. Have to try that.
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Socrates knew the key to writing good code: "The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms."

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Jerry Daniels

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Acid reflux. Acid flashback. Know the diff when communicating w others. Oh yes, they're listening.
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Jerry Daniels

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Shot by a drone. (The photo, not the eagle.)
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Nice change.
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Jerry Daniels

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It's not who wins the last argument or even the most arguments. It's who wins the right ones.
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Jerry Daniels

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Jerry Daniels

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Natural Stacks asked me to do a video about their supplements.
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Head Dude at INDY Developers, LLC
System architecture, front-end development, project lead.
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    Jerry runs INDY — where you hire great developers over forty OR work as one from anywhere in the connected world.
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  • Evercom
    Director App Development, 2001 - 2003
  • Nortel Networks
    Project Manager, 1997 - 1999
  • World Plan Executive Council
    Area Coordinator, 1972 - 1980
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Head Dude at Daniels & Mara, Inc.

Jerry runs INDY Developers — where you hire great developers over forty OR work as one from anywhere in the connected world.
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Husband and father. The first Mac the Knife for MacWEEK.
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