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Software Engineer · Android Developer · Gadget Geek

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Making progress on the next update...

Ride Metra 5 is almost here!

Notable features include automatic schedule updates (no more app updates to get the latest Metra schedules), service alerts and real time rail tracking is back!

Testing is open for all if you'd like to start enjoying these features today!

Join here:


Another feature that I love about Fabric is the ability to push out beta releases of my app very quickly. I understand the Play Store has the ability to push out beta releases but it takes hours. Are there any plans to speed up the beta release process?



I'm a Fabric (Twitter's mobile development platform) and Android Studio user and really enjoy the Android Studio integrations provided by Fabric. Are there any plans to create an Android Studio plugin that brings features found in the web console (i.e. crash report linking, database exploration and etc.) into Android Studio?



I had to do it.

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I agree. Our Study Jam was a great success thanks to everyone involved. Great job everyone!!
Thanks so much to all who attended for making the GDG Chicago West Study Jam a success!

I've just been informed that the nano degree discount will come in the form of a link that will be distributed later this month. I don't have exact dates, but I'll let you all know when I do. 

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I like this
Android Recents Menu Concept

After I complained about the shortcomings of the current Recents Menu implementation, +Ian Lake asked if I had a better idea that maintained the speed and ease of use, while making the nature of the relationship between tasks, documents and apps more clear. [0] This is a concept that hopes to achieve that goal. I previously posted a quick static mockup [1], but have since evolved the idea and am using motion to better illustrate it here.

Hi-res video:

The main idea is to switch to a horizontally stacked app list, with the respective tasks and documents stacked vertically. I believe this better suits the majority use case: users typically only navigate to the last 3 - 4 Recents entries and think of tasks/documents as part of the app. It clarifies why there are multiple entries for each app, and reduces the overall clutter, allowing for more utility.

Answers to some critiques:

- This only allows you to see one app at a time, while the current one shows you 4.

Actually, the current implementation shows you 3, at best, because the bottom one is your current app. The top entry screenshot isn't visible at all, so it could be argued that only 2 entries are truly accessible.

My concept allows the user to easily tap on the icon, instead of a card, which automatically switches to the most recent task or document. Combined with the ability to see 3 - 4 entries per app at a time, and the user can now easily switch to at least 4 different screens. 8+ if they tap the edges of the off-screen cards.

This approach also allows apps to use different App Bar colors to make distinguishing between tasks even easier (e.g. Google Messenger contact colors). As more apps use the task/document approach, this concept only gets better. The current one only gets worse; more cluttered. 

- You can no longer horizontally swipe to remove apps from the list, which will slow me down.

One of the main focuses of this concept is to reduce the time you spend clearing the Recents Menu. However, you can also now clear all tasks from an app at once. I believe this is a fair tradeoff for the added utility and clarity. 

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Another reason why I'm starting to hate Google+ more and more. Well maybe the Android app itself. Try searching for Nexus 6P in the app and click on the most recent posts. ALL THE SAME POSTS. Next, scroll down a few pages, then try clicking on a searched article and then click back. YOUR SCROLL POSITION IS LOST AND YOUR TAKEN TO THE TOP ON THE LIST.

I'm not sure what's worse, the Google+ app or Hangouts.

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I'm excited to make available our efforts over the past couple of months: NewCircle's latest course offering is Android Testing!

Curious how to get started writing automated tests for your Android application? Wondering if Google's latest frameworks are worth your time? Let us help you get off the ground in improving your app's quality through testing.

We'll be offering the first public class January 11-13 at our San Francisco offices! We would also love to come train your team on-site at your facility if you prefer.

Finally, major h/t to +Russell Collins for advising and helping us make something great.
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