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This is how you teach kids not to play in front of speeding trains. #millennials   #selfie   #selfieoftheday   #teaching   #teachingtips   #selfies  
Taking a selfie in front of a train got this young millennial a boot right up side the head by the baby boomer conductor, most likely, saving his life.
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Smoke ring, or #ufo , you tell me.   #ufos   #ufosightings   #aliens   #alien  
A 16-year-old in the UK has become the latest in a very short line of people to have captured what is known as a 'black ring' UFO on camera, that has left authorities and scientists scratching thei...
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Umm ... #science #climatechange  
The chance of an ancient killer virus making its way into the human population, although slim, is not completely out of the question.
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In an announcement that Americans across the country will be celebrating, the two (now ex) Boy Scout leaders who gleefully destroyed a 20 million year old rock formation in the Goblin Valley State Park in a YouTube video have had formal charges of criminal mischief and assisting in criminal mischief filed against them. #boyscouts   #goblinvalley   #justice   #news  
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Lawyer...they were on weed ,$soO0>>>INNOCENTLY remain
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IT’S ARMAGEDDON! Fake snow, bio-engineered snow, HARRP weather attacks, chemtrails, have all been hitting the southern United States. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!  Or maybe just relax and let science explain what has been EXPLODING the heads of people everywhere.   #fakesnow   #science   #weather   #illuminati   #HARRP   #chemtrails  
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Have him in circles
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How long will it take you to figure out the real job these people are applying for?   #worldstoughestjob  
They thought they were applying for a Director of Operations Job, what they found out in the end brought some of these job applicants to tears - #worldstoughestjob
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#oprahwinfrey  swearing during a #lindsaylohan  interview during a #lindsayonown  interview is a sure sign things are about to get "real".
Watch a piece of the Lindsay Lohan interview here and revel in Oprah's bleeped out potty mouth in all its candid glory.
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Sorry if it seems negative----But, there are at least a BILLION  things more important than what Lindsay Lohan has done, is doing, or ever will do........until she decides to be something besides a JOKE, she isn't worth the time as far as I am concerned. 
Talking with Oprah, seems a publicity stunt for someone.....
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For those of you who are just hearing about this for the first time, we promise you this is not a joke:  George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted in the shooting murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by hiding behind Florida’s flimsy “stand your ground” law, has not only signed a deal to be the next “celebrity” to enter the “Celebrity Boxing Match” ring, but will be facing an opponent who has vowed to “beat the living f**k ” out of him and plans to break “every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.” #florida   #zimmerman   #boxing   #trayvonmartin   #trayvon  
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Not that I would care about whatever bad should happen to zimmercreep, but of course, this is publicity and probably money and recognition for him--for both, maybe???? It is disgusting.
My feelings about the workings of the whole judicial process in Florida are unchanged--as demonstrated by the Anthony trial and this latest example. It seems that if someone wants to commit a BAD ACT--and go free---be sure to DO IT IN FLORIDA.....
I am glad I don't live there--and have to see such un-just outcomes go hand-in-hand with such atrocious behavior.
The families of the victims are dealt yet another blow--I wish our disapproval could change things.
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Although only two people have been suspended with pay over having humiliated, bullied and embarrassed almost 40 children in front of their classmates, this is a rapid and swift first move that hopefully will be followed up with more serious action and policy changes. #news   #incomeinequality   #children   #utah   #politics   #bullying  
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Social Media Specialist / Managing Editor / Animal Advocate
    Social Media Specialist, 2010 - present
    National Columnist, 2010 - 2012
  • The Gaily
    Contributing Editor, 2011 - 2012
  • Longtail Studios
    Game Designer, 2009 - 2010
  • Blue Lizard Games
    Game Designer, 2008 - 2009
  • Electronic Arts
    Game Designer, 2007 - 2008
  • Babel Games Services
    Lead Tester / Project Manager, 2006 - 2007
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Jeromie Williams eats the Internet for breakfast.
Social Media Specialist | Video Game Designer | Writer | Editor

Jeromie Williams is a native Vancouverite living in Montreal, who has had stops in Calgary, Whitehorse, Quebec City, Ecuador and Bolivia along the way. An outspoken and highly vocal personality, Jeromie has been an online force for almost three years, gracing the pages of online publications such as, Digital Journal and 2B Mag and acted in the capacity of Contributing Editor at The Gaily.

By trade Jeromie is a powerhouse of creativity and imagination in his career as a video game designer and director, having worked his way up from the crowded testing room floor onto the design teams for several high end projects on both the Wii and the XBOX Kinect.

In 2009, Jeromie and a team of three other colleagues took second place at a 48 hour video game design competition winning the crowd favourite award for their game “Match Null” which was labelled as the “sleeper hit” of the event. Jeromie is primed to re-enter the video game market and is always on the lookout for interesting leads.

Animal advocacy is a way of life that is very important to Jeromie and his commitment to helping those without a voice is evident in his National Animal Actioncolumn on that has been read by over 300,000 viewers in 2011 alone. His close partnership with the Pet Pardons organization on Facebook has allowed him to reach further than he thought possible, and in October of 2011 he was named as the Director of Operation for Pet Pardons Canada where he is now working to help save animals from shelters all across North America.

Jeromie has rock solid experience successfully running high profile Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Hootsuite, Word Press and numerous other social media accounts and with his writing and editorial experience, he is one stop media shop.

For a better taste of Jeromie’s colourful past, please go to
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