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If you live in the UK, good news! There is a new shaving subscription, but this time it is specialised in Gillette! Here is my full review of Shave and Subscribe!

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Hi everyone. There is a new shaving subscription service in the UK. Shave and Subscribe is a Gillette razors and blades club. Here is my full review of this great company.

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Hello everyone. Christmas is around the corner. My new blogpost is all about unique Christmas Gifts for Men. Happy Christmas Shopping everyone!

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How are you today? Enjoying Christmas Shopping? My new blog post is all about unique Christmas Gifts for Men.

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Hi everyone. I hope you are all fine and enjoying Christmas Shopping. My new blog post is all about great and unique gifts for men. Happy Christmas Shopping!

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Christmas is coming fast! My new blog post is all about great Christmas Gifts for Men. How are you doing so far with your Christmas Shopping?
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This is my unboxing video of my brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+. A really great phone!
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48 hours with my S8+ from my iPhone 6S Plus.
Finger print reader: Actually not bad at all on the back, and really fast.
Design: Beautiful, normally I don't use a case, but the S8+ needs a case (too slippery)...Samsung clear cover on its way today.
Display: Stunning.
Aspect ratio: Actually OK, but it looks like I don't have the option to crop with Youtube? Any suggestion?
Headphones: Nice...could be louder!
Camera: So busy...didn't have time to play with it yet!
Android vs iOS: Visually Android ( and this version of Touchwiz) is much prettier than iOS (imo).
Lags: Nothing yet.
Bixby: Well, not popular opinion...but I actually like BIXBY. Better than Siri.
Google DUO: My wife has an iPhone SE so we cannot use Facetime anymore. We tried Google DUO yesterday and it works really well. Nice quality.
I am really satisfied with the first 48 hours. Also my daily laptop is the excellent Acer Chromebook R13, so it makes sense to use an Android.

I have a question and I need your help ASAP. I really wanted the Note 8 (as I am due an upgrade). I phone my Network "Virgin Mobile UK" and the Note 8 is out of stock...they don't know when it will be back in stock. At the same time and until Monday there is a Black Friday offer on the S8+: £108 off. Here is why I wanted the Note 8: Camera, and more power 6gb ram. What I prefer from the S8+: Nicer design in my opinion, lighter. I had a Note before and I never used a lot the stylus. What should I do? I will need the camera for video (vlogging) and taking a lot of pictures. I really wanted the dual camera.....but the £108 off the S8+ is tempting. Any comments?
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