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Jerome Fried
"After I'm gone, your Earth will be free to live out it's miserable span of one of my satellites. And THAT'S how it's going to be." --The Brain From Arous
"After I'm gone, your Earth will be free to live out it's miserable span of one of my satellites. And THAT'S how it's going to be." --The Brain From Arous

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Living the dream in Malibu

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Two months later, and surgery is still undecided. Hollywood is shaping up as the new residence. As in Hollywood boulevard. Still, I can't do well when I think you're going to leave me, but I know I'll try. I'll be back. I know I will.

Things considered, I need to move up my time table.

+Michael Norris

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Would you be seen with me?

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights,
But you yourself are nothing so Devine...
Just next in line

My entire family is about to abandon me. I am about to be alone. Really alone.

I nearly died a short while ago. Less than two months ago, in fact. And, in fact, I did die. After reading the police report and discovering that I was resuscitated on the scene of the accident, and that the harbinger of my death was a meager cab driver, I wonder about things...

A cab driver was the harbinger of my death. I DIED and was brought back by a talented EMT (THANK YOU? Mystery EMT person). I got very lucky. And as I rehab my legs in my quest to walk again, I think deeply about this, and my continued luck if I walk normally ever again. How many more lives do I have? The gravity of this consideration puts things into perspective to a certain extent. And I find myself somewhat fearful. Of life...

But, not as fearful as Paul Barrellis. He, fortunately (for me) will live long enough to pay for his indiscretion...I rest and recoup knowing this for a fact. and I am comforted by the fact that the person assigned to extract that payment, in whatever form, is capable, and eager to do so on my behalf. Sorry, Paul, You should have never done it...your ass can't cash that check...and now, no choice is left for you. You're MINE.

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Until I became someone who experienced daily, grueling pain... Physical pain... Did I realize how awful shit can get. But I go thru this refusing pain pills, unlike so many others. I insist on feeling the pain. It's how I will learn not to subject myself to such things again. And I look with apathy upon those reliant on pain medication. Drive thru it, weakling. Feel it. All of it. Or don't risk it. Simple.

Then and ONLY then will you appreciate the magnitude and scope of your actions. 

The Southern Horizon
one knee = no surgery, healing properly, six plus months of leg braces and more physical therapy. The other knee...not so good a prognosis. Pending the mri scan images, surgery is likely required to restore my cruciate ligaments and restore my knee to its former glory. Or, at least riding capability . A Jepp will have to do for now,,,

My tibia is 70% healed and moving ahead of schedule. My ribs are still broken, but healing. I only feel them poke my lung once or twice an hour.

I'm well on my way. Now, I need a new life. I have a couple of windfalls headed my way, including a $5mil lawsuit in which I am plaintiff, and I will likely not be permitted to work during this time, meaning disability. Plus we are liquidating a million dollar house, and purchasing a quarter-million dollar property back east, leaving 3/4 with administration needs.

As badly as everything calls me NORTH, I know I must go south, for now, for familial proximity and recovery...

I'm beside myself.

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Good morning Los Angeles! May this be the first of many caviar and tequila fueled brunches to come.....


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