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Keeping the latency low
Keeping the latency low

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interesting notes on chrome webvr implementation!

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i love google onhub. Using router connections as a way to track position. i see it as augmented reality, it is all about tracking your position within the physical world. google onhub + iftt is doing exactly that. Genius!

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i wrote babel plugin which use jsdoc to implement strong typing in javascript. - here is a 1 minute video :)

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jsdoced javascript in a single image.

got a weird bug in my chrome. The devtools doesnt popup anymore..

no matter if im logged in or anonymous, trying to launch from the keyboard or menu. devtools window just doesnt popup.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot that ?

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[NEWS] Learning #Three.js News # 15 is online!

In this episode we have gathered some of the most impressive demos of the past weeks. We will play with fun webgl games, matrix-like maps and visit beautiful landscapes. We will also discover apocalyptic experiences, large terrains and original animations. Stay tuned with creative demos on Three.js News:)
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[NEWS] Learning #Threejs News # 14 is online!

This edition comes with some fun and interactive projects. There are some set above the clouds, staring directly at the sun. Some are cool webgl experiences inspired by games and movies. Some show a brilliant use of shaders and VR technology. And we will even meet a three.js sock puppet! Stay tuned with creative demos in 3D:)

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Introducing #Threejs   Office Hours.

An experiment to help people willing to learn three.js. We have received a lot of emails asking for advice, so we decided to create a direct channel for the whole community. Post your questions on twitter with #learningthreejs . We will then gather some of the questions, record a short video and write a blogpost answering them...Don't be shy! There is always something new to learn ;)

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[NEWS] Learning #threejs   News # 13 is online!

In this episode we will discover some artistic and abstract demos. We will go through them at fast speed, see them grow, expand and dissolve. We will also get a bit spooked by a creepy head!Enjoy and stay tuned with creative demos in 3D:)
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IDEA: to have a "use jsdoced"; support in browsers!

Thus people could write their code in jsdoced javascript. Thus they would have dynamic strong typing, private visibility etc... for free. It would be perfectly backward compatible. So the same code would run even on VM which doesnt support it. for the language description and a basic compiler
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