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Jeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck
Works at 合 気 道 & Cannabis Experience Expert dd 1986
Attended United University of too High IQuriosity ( +130)
Lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Europe


#nederland  Bij dit meldpunt kunt u uw ervaring met kosten en vergoedingen van medicijnen in de apotheek melden. De apothekersorganisatie KNMP wil hiermee inventariseren welke mogelijke onduidelijkheden er zijn rond medicijnkosten en hoe vaak deze voorkomen. 

(english) This contact point you can report your experience with expenses and allowances of medicines in the pharmacy. Pharmacists organization KNMP will thus identify any possible ambiguities there are around drug costs and how often they occur.

#verzekeraars   #claim   #vergoeding   #geneesmiddelen  
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Please read, be aware and share...

Thank you.

Love and a Squish,

Alison Myrden - Fan Page 
Federal Medical Cannabis Exemptee in Canada since 1994
Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Speaker for LEAP Since 2004 
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Speaker for LPP
Lawmen Protecting Patients 
Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM
International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines
Bonn, Germany 
Alison Myrden is part of the marijuana majority. Are you?
MMAR Coalition against Repeal Lawsuit in Canada
NDP Candidate for Oakville, Ontario 2004
New Democratic Party of Canada    
WHEN patients are prescribed a drug, they might assume it had been subject to the closest scrutiny. They would be wrong. The results of about half of all clinical...
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Woke up with this.. Thanks to Santeri
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the big painter did it again.
At #tilburg  the #netherlands  
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#painted   #sky  @ Tilburg the Netherlands
stephanie lowe's profile photoJeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck's profile photo
Thank you Ms +stephanie lowe although I did 'not paint' it, we need to thank the big guy up there ;)
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Thanks to +stephanie lowe for the lead
To: An Extraordinary Group of People In An Extraordinary Time

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This is what you will learn
• That your sensitivities are the way forward for our world and humanity to heal. 
• The 5 keys to living a compassionately attuned life. 
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You're more than welcome my friend! 
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Coincidence ? Ms +Alison Myrden hm..
Alison Hell ( 1989 )  A true story about a normal little girl in Montreal Canada who had the common nightly fear of seeing the boogey man.  After ignoring her pleas for comfort and reassurance Alisons parents could only offer ,, We thought it must have been a phase she was going through ". Their ignorance allowed Alisons craziness to develop gradually to the point of no return..
Alice isn't it frightening?
Alice aren't you scared?
Alice isn't it wonderful
Living life afraid?

Don't look around the corner
I might be lurking there
Under the bed at night
You're up till dawn again

Alison Hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison Hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison Hell, you are looking blue
Alison Hell, what else can you do?

I begin my rule
Life hideous in your mind
Crying out you've lost your doll
It isn't worth a dime

Alison Hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison Hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison Hell, what are you looking for?
Alison Hell, soon I close the door

Sitting in the corner
You are naked and alone
No one listens to your fears
You've created me

Alice isn't it frightening?
Alice aren't you scared?
I was killed at birth, I shoot this final scene
You're in the basement, you're trapped insanity

Alison Hell, what were you looking for?
Alison Hell, as I close the door
Alison Hell, here you shall dwell
Alison Hell, Alice dwells in hell

Alice, Alison
Alice in hell


Published by
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Read more: Annihilator - Alison Hell Lyrics | MetroLyrics 
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I'll keep it simple, I'll keep it true
All the love I have I'll give to you
I'll keep it easy, I'll keep it real
All the love I have is what you'll feel

I'll make it clear, I'll make you see
I'll hold you near, close to me
I'll lift you up, we'll touch the sky
I'll wipe away those tears from your eyes
I'll wipe away the tears from your eyes
I'll wipe away those tears from your eyes

I'll take it deeper, I'll break it down
Only love can turn your life around
I'll make it stronger, I'll keep it free
All the dreams i have are what you see

Love is here, just let it be
I'll kill the fear, deep in me
I'll shake you up, I'll make you try
I'll wipe away those tears from your eyes
I'll wipe away the tears from your eyes
I'll wipe away those tears from your eyes
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#tilburg  the #netherlands   During our dinner ( rice, ratatouille and smoked chicken in tomato sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert), we were surprised by a balloon. Spectacular view next to the church
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beetje experimenteren is altijd leuk
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Please like the page on fb
We are a company based on the love of our special needs community and the powerful families that...
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Thanks to  +spiritinthe7thsky and i quote him :  This song was recorded nearly 40 years ago & nothing has changed. That is something to be VERY ashamed of " End quote.  _well_ Now I got to run. I'm still working to clean the house of the old lady, who was abused by her alcoholic boyfriend for five years.
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June 28  #tilburg  the #netherlands    When I look out my window I see a park with 50/60 year old trees. I see an #eyeinthesky looking down
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The Dutch Independent Patient. Worn out & chrushed disc patiënt for 11 years & still counting and opting for cannabis / hasj as pain relief and sleeping aid
Aikido, Anatomy, Airbrush, Analyzing and Art. Higly Gifted Seer and Universal Freethinker( i think ). A Fatalic Melancholic Sarcastic Nihilist.
  • 合 気 道 & Cannabis Experience Expert dd 1986
    moderate user. Patient since 2004, 1984 - present
    In 2009 i found a small article on site Rheumatic Patient Organization. In 2011/2012 i have been on dutch governmental program for medical cannabisand used 4 different forms of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis Bedrocan. In the past 4 years we have been searching for patients using official cannabis or other governmental approved applications. While at the same time received reimbursement from health-care insurance. First Europe, than global. We found no one.
  • Pers.Independend Advisor& Researcher
    1995 - 2013
  • Airbrush Artist, Advice & Repair. Custom Paints
    Fml. fine line airbrusher. Airbrush advice and repair Custom / Special painting.
  • Dutch Army
    Medical Unit, 1990 - 1995
    From soldier - care giver / rescuer "medic !" / ambulance crew - to Deputy Chief Internal Service
  • Dutch Army
    Training and Education, 1990 - 1995
  • Med.Ass. Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical warfare
  • Med.Ass. Diving
  • Med.Ass. War and Disaster Traumatology
  • Ambulance co driver
  • Fire fighting
  • Violence instruction
  • Sniper badge ( handgun )
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Tilburg, the Netherlands, Europe
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(0031)(0)6 - 46 11 43 43
The Dutch Independent Patient
Tilburg The Netherlands Europe
The Dutch Independent Patient. Worn out & chrushed disc patiënt for 11 years & still counting and opting for cannabis / hasj as pain relief and sleeping aid

Have you heard about the right to retain
physical and mental integrity
as well freedom of ethical choice ?

Doing nothing is doing something

The doctor became real good when he
could not do anything for his patient anymore

Bragging rights
Saved some lives including mine and helped Ms. Anja Joos twice
  • United University of too High IQuriosity ( +130)
    the only way is top, 2021
  • Runnin tr' the Jungle
    I still can't stand the rain..
  • 合 気 道 One way or the other.
    Aikido, since 1991
  • Airbrush Artist, Advice & Repair
    Custom painting, till 2005
  • Anatomy
    I ♥ it when a body falls apart..
  • Dutch Army
    Medical Unit
    Med.Ass. : Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical Warfare - Diving and Disaster Traumatology / Ambulance co driver / Fire fighting / Violence instruction / Sniper badge ( handgun )
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April 7, 1970
Other names
Some named me Dr. House. Right.Sigh.., ..A few know, i was also..the thief of Bagdad. , ,, but.. it could never be..he would find us, wherever we are.. "
Tight shop. No really. Up tied. Serious now : it is always clean. Quality is what counts. Not impressed by their 'small' menu but at the other hand, the prices are pretty 'high'. But hey, 'that' is what we want. The "nougat" is definitely worth trying. but the Nepalese hash gets a 4- from this connoisseur. The pinball machine they should have let behind where they found it: in the 80s. Don't let the devilish cat scare you off. ;)-
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago
10 minutes walk from the station and near the "Kromhout Park" . I often grab a coffee here. Regular the menu changes. Suddenly there was cheese hash. Really a hash you might not find your way back home, will make you forget everything, even that you are smoking the melting cheese. I digress. A friendly team supports you with good coffee, toasted sandwiches, jokes and varied music at a few tables or the bar in an atmosphere of timelessness.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Today i visited this shop for some afghane. Besides the good prices, nice lounge, they have a real nice service and atmosphere. She told me she might be closing the shop in 2013, when, and if, the weedpass is required, none of the customers will obey to the pass. This will leave the shop with 3 weedpass holding customers. Today you can count four, i'll be back here........
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
4 reviews
This shop is good. Very nice atmosphere, and really a fantastic gothic lookin garden, where you 're allowed to smoke. The counter itself is a little big and very present. As a experienced user, i bought afgane, maroc, amnesia and cheeseThe afganistan hasj was not the best. Maroc was expensive but oke, The cheese was nice, and Amnesia was really fabulous and fantastic..
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago