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Jeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck
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Praying for a miracle for this family – Please help!! A friend of mine in Metairie, Louisiana was a victim of devastating and traumatic arson on 4-19-16 - 1:00am.. As her only form of transportation was lit on fire in her driveway.. 

#share  if you can't donate please at least "share this post !! ~Many Thanks!"

Amazingly minor burns happen while attempting to put the flames out on this van but one no was hurt. Only feet away from her home and without a doubt this family is generous and always help others like donating clothes to the local New Orleans homeless.. Now this hatred inflicted on this family is desperately leaving this family in need of some warm hearts to help this family get another reliable form of transportation ASAP!!

Now as a main caregiver to several children and adults in her household and as Grandmother to several children and on a disability income blessings are so needed right now.. Sadly.. Insurance will not replace this vehicle.. On the 28th of April this family is expecting a newborn baby boy as well to their household.. .. And without a proper form of transportation this is a plea for help for my friend..

The fact this arsonist left this family without a vehicle I had to post this to see if anyone is able to donate anything to help this growing family replace their burnt van. Thank you! God Bless you! Prayers and Any Amount Donation is greatly appreciated and without expecting much - this family just needs some real help getting things right in their homestead. Thank you for your kind donations and love!
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@ +Clare Cooke
What's cheaper than free?
You and me
What's better then alone?
Going home
What does money not buy?
You and I
What's not to feel?
When love is real

What's faster then a fast car?
A beating heart
What's deeper then a deep well?
The love into which I fell
More important then freedom?
Being needed
More exciting then high fashion?
High passion

What's brighter then a smile
You child, You child
What's brighter then a smile
You child, You child
You child, You child

What's warmer then a sun drenched land?
Your hand
Your hand
Your hand
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If they do not fight each other,
they fight with you, us ..
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Most recent bulletin I.A.C.M. April 17 2016
+International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines 
In this bulletin
- #Australia : Victoria has become the first state to legalise the medicinal use of cannabis.
- #Germany : Federal Administrative Court forces the Federal Health Ministry to allow cultivation of cannabis for personal medicinal use.
- #USA : #Pennsylvania will legalise the medical use of cannabis.
- Science/Human: Cannabis use was associated with a reduced early death after #heart #attack .

News in brief
- Science/Human: Overview by the National Cancer Institute of the USA on cannabis and #cancer .
- Science/Cells: CBD may have a role in the browning of white #fat cells.
- #Germany : First approved portable cannabis inhaler.
- Science/Human: No evidence for a negative effect of cannabis use on circulating CD4 cells in #HIV #HCV co-infected patients.
- Science/Human: #Dravet syndrome may be associated with a dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system.
 - #UK / #USA : CBD extract will be tested in children with tuberous sclerosis. #tb #tbc  
- #Europe : EURopeans spend 24 billion EURos on illegal drugs.
- #USA : A CB2 receptor agonist can be tested in #systemic #sclerosis .
- Science/Human: Chronic cannabis use was associated with reduced #sleep quality.
- Science/Animal: Cannabinoid receptors play an important role in #vision .
- Science/Human: Cannabis use was associated with an increased risk for #preterm #birth .
- Science/Animal: Activation of the CB2 receptor beneficial in an animal model of #Parkinsons disease.
- Science/Human: Cannabis users are less likely #obese .
- Science/Animal: Endocannabinoids reduce anticipatory #nausea in animal models.
A glimpse at the past
One year ago
- Science/Human: Inhaled cannabis reduced #diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain in controlled study.
- #USA : #Georgia legalizes cannabis for limited medical use.
- Science/Human: Oral cannabis extracts were effective in one third of children with #epilepsy in an open study.
- #Poland : Police raids homes of medical cannabis patients and arrests cannabis activist.
Two years ago
- Science/Human: Cannabis reduces symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in an open study. #PTSD
- #Guatemala : President intends to legalize the production of cannabis and opium.

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Thanks to Sir +John Skeats and i quote  :
New Option for Controlling Spam in Communities  Almost all Google+ users have had to deal with pornography and other forms of spam appearing in Google+ communities. Today, Google is introducing a new option to help solve that problem. Individual communities can choose to enable new, stronger content filtering. The filters won't eliminate the spam entirely, but it will result in the spam going to the community's moderation queue instead of being presented to community members. That should

This new option is to enable and equally simple to disable at any time, so there is really no reason for any community that has been plagued with spam not to give it a shot. End quote

#post #filters #filtering  
Keep connecting with other people in Google+ -- and keep more spam out with our new content controls setting.

Our Communities are great places to share and discuss the things you love. Unfortunately, spammers are also aware of how communities bring lots of people together, and they target all manner of spam or racy and inappropriate content to many of our most active communities.

So today we’ve added more protection to our communities with stronger content filters & controls. Now we can be more aggressive in identifying inappropriate posts in a Community. When this setting is on, Google+'s content filter is more likely to flag posts that are questionable, so fewer of them will show up in your Community. Check your moderator queue to see these blocked posts.

Stronger content filtering will be on by default when you create a community and will be gradually enabled for many existing communities, so we can keep your communities great!

Learn more:
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John Skeats's profile photoJeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck's profile photo
No, Thank you, Sir +John Skeats  Tip: Some people do not see the settings, because they don't use the new G+ but still use the classic G+
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Help a guy finish getting his Wheelchair ramps put on first new house! Raise funds on @generosity Share & Donate if possible not hard to be raised if shared with alot of people!!!
Support 'To Get Wheelchair Ramps put on First New House!' by donating or sharing today!
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Yep.... Vid on +Vimeo ith +Robert Downey Jr. and #sting  
How can you say that your not responsible?
What does it have to do with me?
What is my reaction?
What should it be?
Confronted by this latest atrocity
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears

Hide my face in my hands, shame wells in my throat
My comfortable existence is reduced
To a shallow, meaningless party
Seems that when some innocents die
All we can offer them is a page in a some magazine
Too many cameras and not enough food
'Cause this is what we've seen
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears

Protest is futile
Nothing seems to get through
What's to become of our world?
Who knows what to do?
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
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Most recent bulletin I.A.C.M. - March 6, 2016.
+International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines 

- IACM : Partner organizations selected and educational cooperation with ICEERS.
- #Australia : Parliament legalizes the medical use of cannabis.
- #Canada : Patients may continue to grow their own cannabis a federal court rules.
- Science/Human: Good long-terms effects of the cannabis spray Sativex in several studies.

News in brief
- USA: #Florida will decide on the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes in November.
- Canada: Two thirds of Canadians support the legalization of cannabis.
- #World : The United Nations narcotics control body against “war on drugs”.
- Science: Crowdfunding on cannabis and cancer.
- Science/Human: Cannabis spray reduces withdrawal in cannabis users.
- Science/Human: People with posttraumatic stress disorder have lower levels of endocannabinoids in their hair. #PTSD
- Science/Cells: Activation of the CB1 receptor reduced #airway #inflammation .
- Science/Human: Cannabis users tend to drive more cautious in a driving simulator.
- Science/Animal: Sex differences of the endocannabinoid system in the reaction to chronic #stress .
- Science/Human: Cannabis use changes the processing of emotions.
- Science/Human: #ADHD is associated with alcohol and cannabis use.
- Science/Human: Cannabis use in adolescents had negative effects on #brain function.
- Science/Human: Cannabis use during #pregnancy was associated with lower birth weight.

A glimpse at the past
One year ago
- Science/Animal: A CBD rich cannabis extract showed better #anti #inflammatory effects than pure cannabidiol.
- #Jamaica : Parliament allows cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes and decriminalizes recreational use of the drug.
Two years ago
- Science/Human: Controversy over two sudden deaths attributed to cannabis use.

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March 3  Quote intro :,, Russian soldiers and government forces of President Assad in Syria are deliberately attacking hospitals, says Amnesty International. The past few months 27 hospitals and medical centers have been bombarded, says the human rights organization " End quote

press release by +Amnesty International

More on Source Main Dutch News
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De afgelopen drie maanden zijn volgens Amnesty International zes ziekenhuizen en andere medische faciliteiten in de provincie Aleppo gebombardeerd.
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The Dutch Independent Patient. Worn out & chrushed disc patiënt for 11 years & still counting and opting for cannabis / hasj as pain relief and sleeping aid
Aikido, Anatomy, Airbrush, Analyzing and Art. Higly Gifted Seer and Universal Freethinker( i think ). A Fatalic Melancholic Sarcastic Nihilist.
  • 合 気 道 & Cannabis Experience Expert dd 1986
    moderate user. Patient since 2004, 1984 - present
    In 2009 i found a small article on site Rheumatic Patient Organization. In 2011/2012 i have been on dutch governmental program for medical cannabisand used 4 different forms of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis Bedrocan. In the past 4 years we have been searching for patients using official cannabis or other governmental approved applications. While at the same time received reimbursement from health-care insurance. First Europe, than global. We found no one.
  • Pers.Independend Advisor& Researcher
    1995 - 2013
  • Airbrush Artist, Advice & Repair. Custom Paints
    Fml. fine line airbrusher. Airbrush advice and repair Custom / Special painting.
  • Dutch Army
    Medical Unit, 1990 - 1995
    From soldier - care giver / rescuer "medic !" / ambulance crew - to Deputy Chief Internal Service
  • Dutch Army
    Training and Education, 1990 - 1995
  • Med.Ass. Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical warfare
  • Med.Ass. Diving
  • Med.Ass. War and Disaster Traumatology
  • Ambulance co driver
  • Fire fighting
  • Violence instruction
  • Sniper badge ( handgun )
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The Dutch Independent Patient
Tilburg The Netherlands Europe
The Dutch Independent Patient. Worn out & chrushed disc patiënt for 11 years & still counting and opting for cannabis / hasj as pain relief and sleeping aid

Have you heard about the right to retain
physical and mental integrity
as well freedom of ethical choice ?

Doing nothing is doing something

The doctor became real good when he
could not do anything for his patient anymore

Bragging rights
Saved some lives including mine and helped Ms. Anja Joos twice
  • United University of too High IQuriosity ( +130)
    the only way is top, 2021
  • Runnin tr' the Jungle
    I still can't stand the rain..
  • 合 気 道 One way or the other.
    Aikido, since 1991
  • Airbrush Artist, Advice & Repair
    Custom painting, till 2005
  • Anatomy
    I ♥ it when a body falls apart..
  • Dutch Army
    Medical Unit
    Med.Ass. : Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical Warfare - Diving and Disaster Traumatology / Ambulance co driver / Fire fighting / Violence instruction / Sniper badge ( handgun )
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Some named me Dr. House. Right.Sigh.., ..A few know, i was also..the thief of Bagdad. , ,, but.. it could never be..he would find us, wherever we are.. "
Tight shop. No really. Up tied. Serious now : it is always clean. Quality is what counts. Not impressed by their 'small' menu but at the other hand, the prices are pretty 'high'. But hey, 'that' is what we want. The "nougat" is definitely worth trying. but the Nepalese hash gets a 4- from this connoisseur. The pinball machine they should have let behind where they found it: in the 80s. Don't let the devilish cat scare you off. ;)-
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
10 minutes walk from the station and near the "Kromhout Park" . I often grab a coffee here. Regular the menu changes. Suddenly there was cheese hash. Really a hash you might not find your way back home, will make you forget everything, even that you are smoking the melting cheese. I digress. A friendly team supports you with good coffee, toasted sandwiches, jokes and varied music at a few tables or the bar in an atmosphere of timelessness.
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Today i visited this shop for some afghane. Besides the good prices, nice lounge, they have a real nice service and atmosphere. She told me she might be closing the shop in 2013, when, and if, the weedpass is required, none of the customers will obey to the pass. This will leave the shop with 3 weedpass holding customers. Today you can count four, i'll be back here........
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
4 reviews
This shop is good. Very nice atmosphere, and really a fantastic gothic lookin garden, where you 're allowed to smoke. The counter itself is a little big and very present. As a experienced user, i bought afgane, maroc, amnesia and cheeseThe afganistan hasj was not the best. Maroc was expensive but oke, The cheese was nice, and Amnesia was really fabulous and fantastic..
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago