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Jeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck
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Attended United University of to High IQuriosity ( +130)
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#Netherlands This morning I stepped into the garden at 0700 a.m. We see the new age is dawning. A new year, to make two steps forward,, and probably one backwards as well . I digress.  I'm walking on clouds, just not next to my shoes. Since yesterday. A generation of women named me, and I quote ; ,, the most decent man in who has been in their house.''  Higher can one not not become, I think.   :)
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Euthanasia and legislation is regularly in the news. On Wednesday, April 23 # UA organizes a lecture about dying with dignity.
Euthanasie en wetgeving is geregeld in het nieuws. Op woensdag 23 april organiseert #UAntwerpen een lezing over waardig sterven.
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You did not know, or "just missed" this ?. Watch.. and learn. About cleaning products causing benzene poisoning. Video ; 9 minutes.  Published on Mar 4, 2014. #china   Quote, intro ; ,,    This short documentary reveals the hazards of the electronics industry in China profiling workers poisoned by chemicals and their struggle for compensation.  Thousands of young people in China enter export factories to make the West's favorite electronic gadgets, only to find they have contracted occupational diseases or worse, #leukemia by the age of 25.

Please Take Action! ". End quote.  Source ; 
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Quote, intro ;,,  Ingredients :

A cup of olive oil
3 glasses of water
Cannabis's Roots, the more the best 
Natural bee wax ". End quote.

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#netherlands    Quote, intro ; ,, Since i moved from Zaandam to #Tilburg a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, last month, I am making an inventory of local coffee shops and how they work. Because hashish usually works better against my various bone and nerve pains, than most cannabis strains, including the government-approved "medical therapeutic support tool"...."  End quote.

More on, Source;
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Thank you very m♥ch,
Ms +Michele Burnett 
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Love this #psychedelic   #art   #works  
To bad the artist was not named..
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vid 16 min. Published on Apr 17, 2014. Total of 31 purebred #dogs massacred in bali. Savage. Org. text ; Sebanyak 31 anjing ras di bantai di bali. BIADAB.  Date 11-04-2014 - Watch the woman making photo's with her mobile while smiling @5.47 min..
Shit this is very sick to kill them
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Thanks appreciate it
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Thanks for the share to  +Casey Soltysik for this   #caturways on #caturday
Everyday... x)
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Neo Me
Without fail, every time you're involved, they wanna be involved.  :)
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It remembers me of the time when i  asked my psychiatrist;You want to do a  competition  ?

Who of us is the craziest ..?
Lee Scratch Perry ~ I Am A Psychiatrist:
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#Nederland AMS - #Amsterdam #SMOKE #OUT - 420 - There will be a friendly ' Smoke in the park from on April 20th. about 15:00 till 17:00 p.m. ( and 16:20 of course ) at the #Vondelpark location. Out of respect for all the Dutch and foreign people who did supported the AMS420 in the last few years. There will be no big event and no parade. More info on
Amsterdam Smoke Out
Today, April 20, 3:00 PM GMT+2

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The Dutch Independent and Researching Patient

The dutch independent and researching anonymous patiënt on government regulated official medicial cannabis Bedrocan. 9,- euro p/gram i pay. Don't let my profile picture mislead you. it is me. The blue part is diagnosed ( sarcasm ) Picture is the last of me in good moods. Sometimes i can hardly walk 200m. At 15 km. is Bedromedical BV which wants to shift fake and real patient with placebo cannabis. On 5 km. lays FARMALYSE the test-lab, for the real med. cannabis, is'nt it ironic ?

have you heard of the right to retain physical and mental integrity aswell freedom of ethical choice?

My https publish site Cannabis Medicinalis  english / dutch
or Research Zaandam's Medical Cannabis Hyves ( Dutch

My name is Jeroen which means solid rock in the branding. That is what i am, i did not slandered, hurt, disavantaged anyone or tell 1 lie in the past 25 years.. Well, unless their where lowlifes, liers, thiefs or real bad man. My last name is fake due my research at our healthcare insurers on the subject #medical cannabis.

What is ' wrong ' with me ?
i am 42, disabled due articular wear on 35. In my case it is occupational disease. After my diagnosis, the depression and anger, i started to get more depressed, my world was about 1 x 1 square meter. I could only lay on a couch watching television. till i got my first PC in 2007. Then i used all my knowledge to research the data around my disease, doctors, med, and operations, experimental or not. I found, on yearly base and 16 million dutch; people with 100% Labor failure ; 0.02% or 2000 to 4000, and people with sports injuries, 0.5% or 40,000 ended in hospital. With between 700 and 1,400 orthopedic surgeons waiting on them .. Although my disc problem started in 1998 and official diagnose was in 2004 i have been re-diagnosed by unqualified / medical untrained people just by looking, p/email or even by phone. Even doctors discuss about terms as work related articular wear, some call it arthrosis, or poly osteoarthritis. I call it Mutiple Diagnosis Syndrom.  Don't let this be a warning ( sarcasm ) If you circle me, dont forget the time zones, +google's only handicap and if you are cannabis minded or friendly, you'll be added to my +versus-circles. I am independent from shop or grow biz, do not sell or push messages, try to avoid to much commercial cannabis-sites, besides HippieButter ofcourse ..Copy and paste old news- shoot games- gadgets or not funny discriminatory jokes every minute, you'll be removed again..

How can people, be so heartless,
How can people, be so cruel ?
Easy to be hard, Easy to be cold...
How can people, be so heartless
How can people, be so cruel ?
Easy to be hard, Easy to be cold...
How can people, have no feelings,
How can they ignore their friends..?
Easy to be proud, Easy to say no.
And especially people, Who care about strangers
Who care about evil, And social injustice
Do you only Care, about the bleeding crowd ? "

..Right..Come on and see me, make me smile...
Were we be without our Caturday 

Still more of me, alive..?
Born in a farmer village with 5000 residents below the smoke of a big city in 1972. Our mother worked and drank at home, while father was high educated and worked at one of big utility companies. The daughter ran out of our house very early, and the son did not no better than to take care of mother. Until he became 18, in 1990, and was 4 years camouflaged as army medical assistent & almost finished as a twisted social worker, saw between 15 and 25.000 patients. Drunk doped, aggressive or on a stretcher. Sometimes they were really wounded. After this tropical years where he started to excercise everyday 2 hours on  合 気 道 aikido, and as temporary underpayed laborer worked for + 25 companies while creating dreams Halfway everything was cut in half by;

Diagnose in 2004. 
Joint-wear all over ( not funny ! ) displaced vortices, 2 narrowing in spinal cord of nerves / vessel between; shoulders and and hips, a few narrowed interverbral disc space. The last means a some what reduced effect of the shock-absorbing intervertebal disk. Nicely said

Are  doctors drowning us ?
Between 2004 and 2009 i did set a pain frame, for getting to know my body again. 2009 i found an articel on the rheumatic patients organization site, about medical cannabis, provide by the dutch government. My old Gp was against, i asked her mutliple times, while i 'm against pharmaceuticals and syntetics. Not for those which really work or are wanted, but in general. The pillbox and blister are only a single financial concept abused by anyone who wants to makes money. I had to find a new Gp, and i did. First i called all 15 pharmacist's in town, asking questions in the roll of dumb patient. Half of the pharmaceutical assistents told me to go to the coffeeshop, where the cannabis is not "medical" justified. I did get two tips (on 60 Gp's.) from the pharmacist himself. In holland you do'nt have the system like America, Here it is been said, that 1/3 to 1/2 of dutch docters would support prescription of the governments medical cannabis. In real time, this is 1; 30. The new doctor supported me, and i have tried the four different medical cannabis.

About my cannabis use for pain relief
Sometimes i use a cup of tea, something everyone has to try once. Even after 25 years smoking the same herbs, as an recreational drug, this tea worked for 4-5 hours, without side effects. Imagine that with any other painkiller or....When i had a surgery 6 years ago anestesia was not a problem. If you're using painkillers over 25 years, they almost have to shoot you down, before they can operate on you. And that is one of the main reasons to choose cannabis, it will not make you a complete zombie, if you use 0,5 tot 2 g. on a day. It doesnt totaly numb you, you will still feel some pain, and your body. This means, you will feel when something else is going wrong inside youre body. On painkillers you will notice some things 'to late' In daily practice it means also that i feel a pain coming up, and can react to it. In stead of feeling nothing. I dont like to have pain 24/7 but it reminds me i'm alive, here to stay, and not dying. The medical world should listen better to people, and not the other way around.

Bragging rights
Saved some lives, incl. mine, and i helped Anja Joos once
  • United University of to High IQuriosity ( +130)
    the only way is top, 2021
  • Runnin tr' the Jungle
    I still can't stand the rain..
  • 合 気 道 One way or the other.
    Aikido, since 1991
  • Airbrush Artist, Advice & Repair
    Custom painting, till 2005
  • Anatomy
    I ♥ it when a body falls apart.. ( to far ? )
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April 7, 1970
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Some called me Dr. House, know him ? sigh...., ..A few know, i was also..the thief of Bagdad. , ,, but.. it could never be..he would find us, wherever we are.. "
Worn out & chrushed disc patiënt for 9 years & still counting
Aikido, Anatomy, Airbrush, Seer, Higly Gifted, Freethinker( i think ) Nihilist Fatalic Melancholic Sarcastic Nihilist.
  • 合 気 道 & Cannabis Experience Expert dd 1986
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  • Research Zaandam's Medicinal Cannabis
    2010 - present
  • Pers.Independend Advisor & Researcher
    1994 - 2013
  • Dutch Army
    Super Medic: (physician assistant), 1990 - 1994
  • Dutch Army > Training
    Med.Ass. nuclear, bacteriological, chemical warfare
  • Med.Ass. Diving
  • Med.Ass. War and Disaster Traumatology
  • Ambulance co driver
  • Fire fighting
  • Violence instruction
  • Sniper badge ( handgun )
  • Custom Painting
    fml. airbusher
  • Fineline Airbrush
    fml. airbusher
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Tilburg The Netherlands
This shop is good. Very nice atmosphere, and really a fantastic gothic lookin garden, where you 're allowed to smoke. The counter itself is a little big and very present. As a experienced user, i bought afgane, maroc, amnesia and cheeseThe afganistan hasj was not the best. Maroc was expensive but oke, The cheese was nice, and Amnesia was really fabulous and fantastic..
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Today i visited this shop for some afghane. Besides the good prices, nice lounge, they have a real nice service and atmosphere. She told me she might be closing the shop in 2013, when, and if, the weedpass is required, none of the customers will obey to the pass. This will leave the shop with 3 weedpass holding customers. Today you can count four, i'll be back here........
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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