This week, we want to talk about Apple II Logo by the good people at MIT. But the photo we found was this Apple II in ʟᴇɢᴏ so that's a bonus. In fact, do explore Ken Gagne's blog, it's great.
Back to Logo then, and the recent unearthing and republishing of the original source for Apple II Logo, as tweeted by Lars Brinkhoff here
and as found in source form on github here:

To assemble the source you'll need a PDP-10 running ITS, the venerable Incompatible Timesharing System. Or perhaps you can do it in emulation.

More discussion and history and technical detail down this rabbit hole:

And nearby, for extra joy, this Spacewar recently written in Apple Logo:
where there are even more interesting historical comments.


; LOGO Language Interpreter for the Apple-II-Plus Personal Microcomputer

; Written and developed by Stephen L. Hain, Patrick G. Sobalvarro,
; and the M.I.T. LOGO Group, at the Massachusetts Institute of
; Technology.

; Property of the M.I.T. LOGO Laboratory,
; 545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139.
; All rights reserved.

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