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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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That's a good and necessary question to ask. 
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Agreed! And we can learn so much even from failed experiments - I would call the Coursera MOOC I am enrolled in a failed experiment, but I am learning a ton from the whole experience.
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Will we see the same in Europe?
During the past 40 years, accounting for inflation, we have nearly tripled the amount of money we spend per student in public K-12 education. It was roughly $4,000 in 1971, and last year amounted to $...
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Thanks so much for this, +Jeroen Fransen - I agree! I get impatient for the progress I know we will see in the future, because every passing year means so many students have not gotten the education they need/deserve, but I am optimistic for change - REAL change - to come, thanks to truly new possibilities provided by technology, and not just in K-12 but in higher ed also. :-)
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Where it all started for me, too. Our father bought his three sons a C64 (as the follow-up to our TI-99/4A, one of the first to be seen in the Netherlands!) right when it came out. Promising to mow the lawn for him (with a handmower, mind you) on a weekly basis for eternity (bad deal) bought us a second-hand tv screen (the first one we bought went up in stinking smoke the first day). Selling some games to friends and neighbours brought in the cash to buy the 5 1/4 floppy drive and then we were really off. Brother +Rogier Fransen would actually write math and 3d software for it (he's still at it now). Although I learned to program, too, I didn't find a use for it then (no problem to solve). Together with little brother +Thomas Fransen we played many a game on it (especially the multiplayer games were great with the incredible joysticks we got (Suzuko?). At the family dining table we were never allowed to talk more than 10 minutes about computers, which I still consider unfair if you see how much time my father now talks about his iPhone ;-) I actually wrote some of my school assignments on the C64, printing things out on the plotter(!) we got. What I learned mostly from our C64 period is that there was a whole community around it that could get excited about the competition, rumors about new versions (Amiga?). And I really enjoyed the ecosystem that came out of nothing: making games, selling software, hacking apps, selling the hacked apps, inventing accessories (reset button?). In a way, it determined large part of what I still enjoy doing now: strive to make great software with the +Joyrite team, work with our partner community and selling our software to teachers whose problems we solve. So: thank you C64!
BBC News has conducted an experiment to see what pupils of today make of the Commodore 64 home computer, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Actually a very thoughtful article going against a tech hype. 
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Good reflective piece on the future of education and #edtech
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Hmmm, although some people would LIKE for Common Core to be a common core of knowledge (that is definitely what E.D. Hirsch and his folks would like to see, for example -, that is actually not what Common Core is at all. I continue to be amazed at the way Common Core has been adopted so widely when it seems that many people have not even read the thing to see what it's about. I find it worse than useless -
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Good summary of one of the bigger problems in education: “Children are educated and learn over a period of time, but we have this notion that children are to make a year’s growth for every year they’re in school,” said Paul Heckman, UC Davis’ Associate Dean of Education, “This is … a problem, because children do not develop in nine-month chunks except during gestation.”
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Jeroen Fransen (Jeremy)

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Solution: practise 'full' essay writing more! By the way, some studies show the opposite effect of texting and chatting on spelling and grammar skills. In any case, as kids start adopting full (on-screen) keyboard smartphones, this may become less of an issue anyway. Or is texting speak here to stay?
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To me, students are texting instead of talking on the phone... it's not taking away from their writing life (because they were not writing letters to each other, ha ha) - instead, it has radically changed their telephone usage (at least here in the U.S.). I see all kinds of problems that students face in learning how to become confident writers of English, but texting is not the problem. Writing is something people learn in school because it is a very difficult skill, not at all the same as oral speech. Students don't write well because we do a LOUSY JOB of teaching them how to write in school... texting is not the problem. Texting is like oral speech - and if you don't teach students how to write, of course they will try to use texting. Solution: let's give students fun and exciting ways to learn how to write. IT IS NOT HARD. Drives me crazy that we do such a terrible job teaching writing in school, when it is such a valuable skill.
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Entrepreneur with a passion for education
I'm an entrepreneur with a passion to change the world for the better. One of the areas I would like to improve lies in language education, where teachers spend up to 400 hours/year on evaluating written work by students. 
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Entrepreneur; father of 2; husband of 1; passionate about the combination of technology and humans for the better; love sailing
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