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Jeremy Adam Wlaszek Walt
Attended SACS , Cape Town.
Lives in Cape Town , Western Cape , South Africa.
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With my really good friend Asta Zimmerman . Always awesome to reflect, savor the times past and hold the present with happiness .

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Rammstein - Super treffen .
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One of my favorites . Rammstein , super treffen .
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An obstacle most create for themselves . If you do not try you will never succeed.
Excellent read . 
Can you remember as a child, what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a newscaster, so I would be the first person to know what was going on....
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Excellent read . 
Can you remember as a child, what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a newscaster, so I would be the first person to know what was going on....
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Lets stand against evil. Watch this video of a man who wants the life back for his people.
If we do not take a stand against evil we are the gateway for it.

Lets unite for the sake of humanity and the respect for self rule & self determination.

ISIS is doing the same as what the NAZI'S did. 
All these radical ideologies have architects of evil with a very different agenda than what is forwarded on media.

I am no hacker, I do not support it at all. No respect for such persona.
Logic prevails here. 
This goes back to the 1st Gulf War when all this started to develop. 
It was a deadly mistake as it will backfire on its very own creators and the innocent will pay.
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Thoughts trigger actions , exercise the mind creating an infrastructure 
of positive dynamics . 
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Cool , relaxing beats from Brazil .
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Beautiful Arabian sounds , so relaxing .
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E-Commerce , Marketing , Research , Focus , Negotiating .
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Cape Town , Western Cape , South Africa.
Fortune favors the brave & Intelligent.
My start to life.
I am born in Cape Town, South Africa, 1967.
My father being Mr .J.J Walt and my mother Mrs .P.R Hodge/ Kirsten.

Extremely grateful for the input my parents instilled in me from the day I took my 1st breath of life.
I am the youngest of 4 siblings, a brother, sister and a half sister.

My personal values.
Progress, work ethic, vitality, wealth, love and a good attitude.
Strictly Heterosexual.

There have been 2 very special ladies in my life who impacted hugely, that has passed, no regrets.
I do have that special lady on board that I consider highly.

My Personal Religion/ Belief System.
My personal belief is primarily based on logic, common sense and decency and most of all, to manage myself with good effect.
I do my best to deploy this daily, nobody is perfect, so far from infallible. I call it being human.

My personal edge.
Never to succumb irrespective of the challenge.It is my personal will to succeed and to be brave enough to take accountability for my errors and / or misdoings.

There is a virtue that stands prominently, family. It is imperative that family stick side by side irrespective of varying views upheld, we are all uniquely different. This must be respected.
When you share the same blood it is something that as a sibling I honor. 

Self-actualisation and a long life.

Schooled at SACS from grade 1 to grade 12 where I matriculated in 1985
I participated in many sporting activities. Played cricket for the SACS 1st 11, 1st team athletics,played rugby and spent many years from a young age at the gym.

My activity after school involved a two-year military service, the navy, beginning of 1987 to 1989.
An unbelievable experience. It was an honor to participate.

Irrespective of the era, proudly South African.


Worked in Wholesale for 5-6 years in the cosmetic industry/sector.
The grounding for the industry I am currently involved with.

Corporate Life.
Lived for 1 year in Johannesburg, in my 26th year. It is a dynamic city with a lot of energy.
Really enjoyed my brief stint living there.

Business Owner.
My brother and I started a retail chain of cosmetic outlets, founded in 1999, namely Jabula Hair.
My biggest challenge/s 2007-2012.
Illness ruled me out of work and functional life for a period of 5 years. I count my blessings I am still standing today, a close encounter. 
A misdiagnosis proving costly.
That is the past, grateful to have restored all functionality, now know objectively what I am dealing with.
South Africa is blessed with a fantastic medical fraternity.

Question & verify everything properly before taking action. Implement with a plan and vision. Team Work.
Structured, I am governed by my left brain.
Optimistically cautious.

There's a handful of special people who have been instrumental in helping me out of a zone I never thought possible, they know who they are, a massive THANK YOU!!

The last 4-5 years.
I attribute 2013/14 as years of climbing back into life on all frontiers.
2015 has been a successful year, built on the prior 2 years. 
2016 has far more fluidity about it than the year prior. Progress!!
2016 - The year of opportunity.

I am currently deployed/employed to administer all marketing for Jabula Hair.
In the process of registering an E-Commerce venture. 

Bragging rights
Keeping Positive In A Negative World !
  • SACS , Cape Town.
    1974 - 1985
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