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Guess who else I found...!
<3 <3 <3
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Aw man I'd love to have been there. Hope you're having a good time Jeri. And you continue to G+ while you're there, that's quality.
You lucky lady. :) Hope you're having a blast!
I wondered where he had wandered off too.
Ohhhhhhh - that explains the other post I saw on G+ from R2D2 talking about the hot girl hanging on him ..... <grin>
That's a great shot! We had R2 at the Detroit Science Center when I was young, and I have a similar shot of me with it...somewhere.
Resistance is futile you will be assimilated. 
Will have to find out which builder's droid that is... lucky...
baji m
NICE. coollllll
Cute! And you're pretty cute too. :-P
I love R2D2, he is cute!♪(´ε` )
It's really superb........
Wow! How did I start getting updates from Jeri Ryan???
hey Seven, if you come across any photos of you in ST how bout a signed one.
Any big screens in the near future. or are you to busy on B O P
The Doctor, The TARDIS or a Dalek
Oskar........ That is the star wars robot.
cutic robo with Jeri......................coollllll
it is the star wars robot how cooled you mess that up Oskar Szarowicz
nice yaaaaaaaaaa.....
Joe PM photo.
That's awesome! I wish I had an R2-D2
It's good to see R2 again. ☺
Aw cool your on g+ nice job in the mortal kombat legacy shorts, they were shot really well considering the budget.
Droids have all the luck.
Cool..even if I'm not big on that stuff..still cool!
aww love at first sight!!! (^_^) ♥ [-_-]
I dont think this is the correct series... where is The Borg? :) Assimilate that beeping crap :D
The closest thing for a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover :)
nice new Android version
which one this is??
Hey I remember thanks for sharing and bringing back memories
I think perhaps my faith in the internet has been restored. No flame war between Trek and Wars fans! Everyone seems to be getting along. Is that a random Hungarian flag in the background next to the saltire? It seems you have found a place where the rules of the universe no longer apply.
your so hott
You really should've assimiliated that one, its from the wrong universe ;)
How small this alpha quadrant ... ? !!! :)))
Jeri Ryan hanging out with R2-D2? Every geeks dream come true!
thats awesome! does it do REAL r2-d2 actions?
That is so fun. I would love to be in that photo.
Jeri Ryan when are we going to see you acting on TV again? You have a pretty large fan club.
Jeri, hope to see you at Wizard Wold in #Philly in a few weeks!
ok, did R2 like send you a hologram to come check him out???? lol...
I met R2 at Comic Con! He's so chilled :)
How to annoy a sci-fi fan:

Post this picture with the comment "Wow - check out this photo of Princess Leia and a Cylon, from that old TV show 'Alien'!"
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated
George Lucas is a trekkie. Perhaps, R2 is it too. Who knows, maybe in some of its bleepings it said something like "I have a bad feeling about this, as in that Star Trek episode where 7 of 9...".
I guess a funny caption could be "Dedicated to +William Shatner and Carrie Fisher".
This reminds me of a "sort-of-crossover", a very weird one, I "saw" in Thor : Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk, James Kirk's father) and Natalie Portman (Amidala Padme, Leia's mother). Think about it, and then see this picture:
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Great Photo. Priceless!
I had no idea Jeri was such a nerd! I love it! Jeri, you just rocked up to the top of my list of all time hottest nerd babes. :)

Darn it, now I have a desire to attend one of those ComicCon's the next time they're here in the metro-Detroit (or greater Grand Rapids, MI) area.
I'm pretty sure that this is crossing the streams and we should all be dead right now.
that so cool
Great picture, and a beautiful smile! Thanks for sharing Jeri!
my brother loves him!!jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja XD
a starwars dude wow aret you a little od fro starwars ?????
Nothing wrong with a Gal who like sifi.
Tim Ebl
Heard you were traveling, but I didn't realize it was to a galaxy far, far away ^_^
God please! In my next life I want to be R2D2. He gets to meet all the hotties ;-) 
Awesome but did it move around? Star Wars Fan by any chance? :)
i luv starwars + i luv R2D2........... no wait i don't luv him i'm CRAZY ABOUT HIM lol
I thought she was a StarTrek person, like 7 0f 9? :)
Some droids have all the luck.
first princess leia, and now 7 of 9. the droid has indeed done well.
You are one of my fave actors and no, I don't mean the droid! Kisses n Hugs for Jeri !!
Tee hee... Close encounters of the nerd kind... I so wish I could be there!! :-D!
Care full if the two universes meet there might be a tear created into the time stream.
Xin Li
You really are a geek at heart... I'm proud of you :)
The Borg are getting shorter.
-R2, R2, don't flush in red, your power stabilizer reaches the limits!
- Piiiiuuuu#yyhhchhhh#chhhh....Bang@!
- I told you R2. Now search a new power block yourself because Star Wars are over!
does he beep in a british accent?
R2D2=childhood favourite! 7 of 9=teenage favourite!
I really want to be there... hope you're having a blast.
Jeri Ryan, You're Awesome! I hope you gave R2 a big hug from all your fans. :P
i watched family guy star wars today
Hah! So did you give the little guy a kiss?
hmm... i'm a bit jealous of r2d2 :P
Awww so cute. The little droid is nice too ;-)
Finally! So, you are the RIGHT Princess Leia?
Geek (Jeri) meet freak (R2)
What a smile ! .. and the female looks good too ! ;)
You need to meet C3PO, after all he was the "Human cyBORG relations" droid! :~D
Two of the most adorable things in this world side by side...R2D27-9 :)
I wish you would attend ComiCon in Dallas, Texas May 19-20.
Came to see you in Peterborough today but I missed you :( However you did sign a photo for me, through my step daughter who was working there. Thank you! :)
Glad to have seen you this morning, and happy to have given you pics of you that you didn't have!
OMG its a fembot.... hey and R2D2!
So no real rialvary between Star Wars and Star Trek crews like the one between +William Shatner & Carrie Fisher?
Droid + Borg = Geek Orgasm!
Did you get to talk him home with you?
is that the real thing?
Borg rocks so much more than this can! lol...  😂
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