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Ok, they have a slightly wittier way of saying it than I do. ;-)
But PLEASE vote for Body of Proof!! (a lot!)
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Also have to admit...until it was officially revealed that it was renewed, I was voting for Fringe. I was torn, but I've been watching Fringe for four years I needed to see it get a proper send-off.
+Jeri Ryan Really? Had no idea the show was in such danger. But...if you insist.
You gotta be kidding me, Body of Proof is a great show!
+Jeri Ryan Body of Proof has been on the bubble for a while. Let it go :).. You need to move on. You could be excellent in so many other TV shows, or even films. I guess you still have to be loyal to your mates and crew... oh well. All the best though, but seriously, no reason to keep your fingers crossed ...
Are they really going to save the one show who wins, i remember NBC doing this sort of vote a few years ago and they did not save the program that one.
My girls individually love pink and purple, but that pairing might be too much. :)
Oggy Ogre says mute does not equal moot +Ar Grover make that book a dictionary!
ar grover - good for you. read any gook books lately.
You got my vote or should I vote for both you and Dana?
Just voted, Jeri! We love the show here in South Africa too!
It's one of those shows I've yet to see, so I'm buggered if it's going to get cancelled before I get chance! Voted.
Jeri, U look fab on this photo. I've voted
Just got my vote - don't know if it counts coming from NZ, but what the heck - it's worth a try :)
I'm voting for those pink jeans
Do votes from India count? aw what the heck i'll try anyway!! Love BoP!
Voted twice, hope that helps! :D :)
Oh, now that's fair...

"Save One Show 2012: Round Three
Thanks for voting!
Please check back Monday for results. "

Can no longer see the results.
bunları bu şekilde şaşırtan nedir acaba...:D
Yeah, they're hiding the percentages now... I guess that means we have to vote even more to make sure!
i think i voted about 25-26 times :O i love my BOP
I voted a few times, and then a show I never even heard of comes up out of nowhere. I don't know if they're somehow cheating or not, but EOnline really needs to fix the poll so it's one vote per person, so it can't be skewed by a small number of people with nothing better to do.

What's up with "Please check back Monday for results."?? Did the polling software break? Are they embarrassed about what the poll shows?

+Jeri Ryan do you know if EOnline actually gets to decide which show to save?? Or do they just go to the production company and say "hey look, we got umpteen gazillion votes for this show, please save it! Uh, no, we don't know how many actual real people that represents..."
I call conspiracy... by hiding the percentages they can decide whoever they want to be the winner!
+Ralph Mitchell Yes, that's pretty much what it is. Only the networks/studios can ultimately decide what stays on the air.
Well, the good thing is that #Fringe got it's renewal, so that's one show you don't have to worry about. ^.^
This is going to be a difficult choice - "Community" is on there.
Well just voted about 100 times.
i voted 27 times :)
That's just awesome! :D I don't know how many times I've voted but it can't hurt to vote as many times as possible, haha! Keep up the good work! :D
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Voted. Though I have to admit the results may be slightly skewed seeing as how you are allowed to vote multiple times.
I'm still clicking -- in between horse races, Yankee games, Rangers games, Knicks games etc etc etc.......
It's down to the wire! Vote often (no limit)!
Anyone know the results yet? I need mah Season 3! I think we should all pray to Kahuna. "Oooooohm!"
Here is is Wednesday, and still no results. Not thinking much of E! online currently.
you are looking a good and hot. ( ekdam mast).this is marati language for u only.
Eh, are those numbers really accurate seeing as how you could vote multiple times by just refreshing the page? Seems a little off to me.
Must have worked - mac a dang dang!
I'm so glad BOP got picked up for another season, at least thats what I saw online. Hope I'm right.
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