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Had such a great time with my hubby, +Christophe Eme , last night at the launch party for BritWeek here in LA! Here are some pics from the photobooth they had at the event... Love the oh-so-very-British accessories! SO much fun. ;-)
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That's quite an exotic hat!
Love the last photo the best! :)
you look happy. a real happy, not a fake happy (or a very good fake happy, but i think its a real happy) :)
of course he seems quite happy, too. i would prolly be happy with you, too :>
Seeing people Happy ignites a spark that lights you up inside with the same type of Happyiness.

Thanks +Jeri Ryan
good!but I can't understand the BritWeek,what is BritWeek?
Very reminiscent of The Avengers! (British series from the sixties). Hope they served some nice fish and chips!
BritWeek is a way of promoting creativity & innovation by British companies/people based in California
I almost wore my giant white butterfly hat today.

Do you have Boots over there?
Brit week? Lol, you guys and your crazy things. ;D It seems so odd to me to be something to do, but then, i s'pose everyweek here is Brit week. Tea, crumpets, bugger, tally ho, huzaah!
Love it, great pics! You guys are too cute! Looks like you had a great time! Made me laugh!
Has anyone brought up the upcoming copywrite battle between the U.S. and the U.K. regarding flag colors?
Jeri - you must come to the UK and do that in person! We would love to see you!! :o)
What a fun set of pictures...looks like you had a lot of fun
i wanna dinner with u, if u r agree so tell us..........
funtesting style............
You look like a blonde Emma Peel. :)
Something has been bugging me about these pictures since I saw them this morning and I've just worked out what it is. The flag - the Union Jack is wrong! Bonus points for anyone who can tell me why. Extra kudos points for any foreigners that get it (excluding ex-pats!)
Nice Pics, you guys make a great looking couple
British people are cool. :)
No, not that +Philip Price . I fact, it would look the same any way up. That's a massive clue!
Way cool Jeri. I love it. You two look like you are having a blast.
Is it sad that the one thing that screamed "genuine Britain" to me in those pics wasn't the clothing or the Union Jack, but the Boots logo?
Who would have thought Boots would be that successful in the US.
The angle of the diagonals on the vertical background +James Field? I can't tell whether or not the horizontal part on the floor is the same way or not because of the perspective.
No it's not that, +Robert Simpson. I've assumed the angles are correct and it's just the fact the flag is 'folded' as you say. It is to do with the diagonals, though...
So do you get free health care in BritWeek.
+James Field, the small flag in the bottom is incorrect (all the diagonal red stripes should end horizontally not vertically as in the upper-right and lower-left) but the main one looks fine to me, given it's on it's side?
Hmm, it looks like I have somewhat embarrassingly made an error in my interpretation of the Union Flag rules. I was going by the fact the flag must look different when flown upside down, but had confused rotation (where this flag would always look the same) with the location of the flag pole.
The flag is in fact correct (excluding the inset flag, as +Philip Mather pointed out) and I will crawl back under the rock from whence I came!
+James Field Nope, not in October. I'm coming next month for "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" and I think again in July for Comicon!
OMG, why did I not know about these?!
Thanks for the info +Jeri Ryan - I'll look these up & see if I can make either.
Oh my, this makes me happy. +Jeri Ryan underneath the sign of one of the companies that define my hometown! :-D
For those interested, a wee post about the 2 events Jeri has said she will be attending:

I'll be elsewhere in Europe for the July Event, but "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" in May looks awesome and I should be free to go to that.
i find it so strange that there's a Brit Week in LA.. We should have an LA week over here.. Preferably with LA sunshine! ;)
If you can make that happen +Sarah Smith, you'll be the most popular person in the country! (the weather, not necessarily the rest!)
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