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How is that even a question??
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good we don't have a loophole in there.
I have a tough time believing or even imagining you eating bacon. LOL
And +Jeri Ryan that is why you ooze #purewinwithasideofawesomesauce ... beautiful women who eat bacon are the #newgoddesses of the meaty world :)
Can you grow bacon in your garden?
+Jeri Ryan pics of you eating bacon or it doesn't happen LOL :) If Padma can eat BBQ ribs on her epic bed from the interior design gods, you can chew some pork on an ottoman or something :) +Laurence Willis will photoshop it with epic goodness :)
I DON'T KNOW what are you talking about this? lolz..
Agreed, +Jeri Ryan! Bacon is always awesome! Did you know you can get bacon milkshakes here in the Midwest?
+Elaine Barlow I see them in those Wal-Mart electric scooters.

+John Rizzo No... But you can use a garden to grow them

+louise priestley Then you probably don't eat it...
Wat is luv..?

~In maths it is an equation
~in history it is a war
~in chemistry it is a reaction
~in art it is a heast
~in me it is u..♥ u
bacon makes everything better and if it kills my atleast ill be enjoying it!
eat drink be merry you only live once ...........
As a dietitian I say... YES! Bacon makes everything taste better. Lol - I want to try bacon ice cream one day. 
No flow chart needed. Cook bacon.. eat bacon. Simple.

Enjoy :P
I really only eat bacon once every 3 months, but I love it!
I don't actually consider bacon to be a food as such.
I love bacon but just just have to say no to it. So hard to do too when you can smell it cooking .. sniff
I have had fresh bacon bits on icecream its awsome try it !
Turkey bacon is a nice change.Venison sausage with bacon is DELICIOUS!
Bacon without a doubt should be eaten, even if you claim you are a vegetarian and I've known a few to lapse when they smell and hear the sound of bacon being cooked.
pigs are not a Food , its an disgusting animal should not be eaten at All
#Ihab Metwaly it may not be a food for u but be considerate.... it may b for sum1 else :)
i ment the health matter , is this meat healthy ? i heared it's not and full of germs and bacterias ! sorry but its the truth
well, keep ur immune system gud and u can eat dat thing also...... will make u feel refreshed :)
now i have another issue :) its religon wise , its forbidden here :) thanks , my answer is and alwayes NO
Any meat if it is not treated properly or cooked properly can be dangerous. Cook it properly and it is a delightfully wonderful food.
So looking forward to bacon, eggs, mushrooms and good sourdough toast on the weekend for breakfast :-)
There is absolutely nothing wrong with pork. It is no "dirtier" than any other meat. Chicken is actually the most likely to cause you a problem. Anyway, they are all WAY cleaner than human, the standard meat used in the fast food industry.
Human meat in the fast food industry? that's a new one
If the analysis is performed by the laboratory will find out a lot of microbes and bacteria that attach themselves to this animal & can not kill her by cooking or heating these scientific facts of the nature of this animal.
Sorry, science is not always correct +Ihab Metwaly, there are ways the body can deal with things. Please don't spoil things for other people who have been eating this flavoursome meat for a long time by fearmongering
it's matter of brain works , not prejudices , Microbial examination of laboratory equipment prove what I say.
Produce a list of all journals, all rulings from government authorities. Your harping on is actually becoming very rude, irritating and definitely not +Jeri Ryan or what others who have commented here had intended. I agree with +rich scadding and +Alfonso Armenta. If you do not like the subject then please stop, and let others who enjoy this food continue to do so. No one is forcing you to eat it, and it sounds like you would also love to push the religious envelope. Please stop it.
I will stop my talk as long as the cause distress and apologized to show you that I was rude but I did not set myself to be so, excuse me
Alfonso , dont talk or judge my brain works please , better to mentain your eye and mind works , because i wrote if you activate the science and do the labroratory test you will find the evidence for sure , thank you pernicious influences whom all way against discussions and attacks whom dont agree with you . democracy and freedom !
Okay I just removed mine because you are not funny any more.
Okay, now I'm eating a lovely bacon sandwich....
The most honest thing that has ever heard
The answer is never no but it could be wait until you swallow the mouthful you already have.
eat first, think after full
Does this chart also apply to Turkey Bacon? 'Cause I'm all over it if it does.
cooking some now...Bacon um um
Bacon, God's way of saying "Hey, how's it going? Want something good to eat?"
hate bacon, make U fat
Change it to macon and i can eat it without sin
Thanks for influencing this morning's breakfast choice :)
bacon = good, sin, meat, fat, religion, 21st century, disgusting, delicious, gnam gnam, microbial... so long....
pigs are very complex animals... :)
Bacon, is the best drug there is! Nothing it can't cure!
mmm bacon. bacon everywhere, bacon face, bacon goodness. love bacon.
Don L
So Bacon will turn me into a Klingon? That's what I got out of that. I mean aside from the fact that bacon is awesome, which I already knew.
Bacon - it may kill you, but when it tastes that good, who gives a -----
I keep this handy and ready to post:
...and god said love all forms of bacon, whether smoked or maple or cured, cause all bacon is made in his image, and are delicious.
+Don L you will be a good Klingon warrior as long as you stay away from the tribbles dipped in bacon fat!
Yes, bacon tastes good. Yet I do no longer want to make Piglet cry for his Mommy. Can I have carrots from your garden instead? ;-)
It's amazing how many times you can find a Bacon post or reference to it. I'm going to now make a tuna melt with BACON and enjoy it.
seriously what idiot says no to bacon >_<
Xin Li
And that's why we love you Jeri, for posts like this. Your love of bacon is hereby noted and appreciated.
well, I like it very micro wave oven crunchy, wannna know how?
Why would Borg need Bacon ?
Wouldn't pork in your bloodstream screw with nanobots or something ? ;o)
I LOVE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I IS ONE OF MY FOOD GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually saw a Jones Soda Co. Bacon Soda on Amazon the other day. I LOVE bacon, but sometimes they just carry a thing too
Bacon = Yes is a universal truth...even if you don't/can't/won't eat it
bacon number 2 according to google search
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